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Did Thor's Vision Predict Infinity War's Ending?

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/subscribe-screencrush Thor’s weird hot tub fantasies seemed like the worst scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But looking back at it after Avengers: Infinity War reveals that the God of Thunder was trying to warn us about one of the craziest movie endings in history. (SPOILERS!) Go here → http://screencrush.com/ Like us → https://www.facebook.com/ScreenCrush Follow us → https://twitter.com/screencrushnews Get our newsletter → http://screencrush.com/newsletter/ Written, hosted, and edited by Ryan Arey. (http://twitter.com/ryanarey/)
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Text Comments (4749)
ScreenCrush (8 months ago)
What are your MCU theories?
Swervo (13 days ago)
Interceptor_YT 😲
jeff jones (23 days ago)
Lincy McGabby on a grateful
jeff jones (23 days ago)
Autistic ass rat they never said killing thanos meant they won
sra061968 (28 days ago)
ScreenCrush god will win aka the Gucci squad lol jk ima noob help me
AFriedPotato 69 (2 hours ago)
Oh yea yea
the confused banda (4 hours ago)
Irony is that this video title's Avenger infinity war ending and the last avenger movie is named infinity war endgame....predicted Very quite similar...
NuthinButAG (19 hours ago)
Marvel is clever as hell.
Nemo Cruxial (1 day ago)
Lol at revenge of the sith being a great tragedy
ShadowBandit39 (2 days ago)
I don't think Thor's vision means squat because Wheaton's Age of Ultron had no direction it was dumb. He did his only job which was to introduce Vision. Everything else was crap, least favorite Marvel movie.
BuddhaSTL (2 days ago)
You are a young Steve Buschemi
Brayden Watts (2 days ago)
Adam will be cool to see in the mcu
cain (3 days ago)
thorshadowing thats now what i call
KHLC 64 (4 days ago)
Turn on captions on 3:05 nathanville ear
Bret Douchet (5 days ago)
If Ultron took over the vision body he could have beaten thanos
bhavesh gupta (6 days ago)
Uh guys if it's about sacrifice then doctor who did sacrifice the time stone. Later he says it was the only way.
dynasty4851 (7 days ago)
That is smart Ryan. That really makes sense.
Jimmy G (7 days ago)
Damm that’s crazy
Avengers lnfinty dolphin and Avengers lnfinty war and Avengers end game and movle Avengers
abi d (7 days ago)
Does anyone care?
Matthew Laskowski (7 days ago)
I think you should apologize to your spouse for posting this ridiculous nerd video that makes no sense. You’re reaching beyond theory here. It’s already been said that AOU was a filler movie. They had no real reason to throw Thanos in at the end. JW was forced to.
Orion (8 days ago)
3 wise monkeys? You mean 🙈🙉🙊?
Jaxon StGermain (8 days ago)
This man's teeth
Owen G (8 days ago)
It's not P-A-TRO it's PYETROH
Gaminfish (8 days ago)
I think you're reading into those visions a little too much but you might be right who knows
Nathaniel Carrion (9 days ago)
I believe the directors of the mcu movies had planned everything out, which is genius
Hassan Heidari (9 days ago)
Doctor strange could've defeated Thanos by turning back time when they fought like when he did to Dormammu
samantha vader (9 days ago)
Raag Choudhary (10 days ago)
Perfect.. Marvel is best at using subliminal messages.
Zokizzy Foshizzy (10 days ago)
I think, and kind of hoping, that the sentience of the infinity stones is from Nemesis - the being who split into the infinity stones. The MCU lore says that when the universe was created, the stones were created as well, but this raises the question: why? Why have stones that control aspects of the universe alongside the creation of the universe itself? It can't simply be by virtue of nature... there must have been some intelligent creator behind them. In the world of Marvel, anything is possible.
Andrew Croasmun (11 days ago)
Half of this does not seem logical.. you may want to rethink your approach to your theories, because I 100% doubt marvel sat there and said let’s use the ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’ monkey statue as a symbol and spread them out like infinity stones across multiple movies..
ValiantOpinion (11 days ago)
Dude explained prophecy perfectly lol
Jonathan Malfilâtre (12 days ago)
Thor’s weird hot tub fantasies seemed like the BEST* scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Fixed.
Deion Smith (12 days ago)
It’s thors fault for trying to pick axe thanos
Andy Skeels (12 days ago)
"In the greatest tragedies, like Oedipus Rex and.. Revenge of the Sith... " I'm sorry.. Did he compare Shakespeare to the prequel of Star Wars?
Nate Lofties (12 days ago)
NOT dumb luck
L5 (13 days ago)
You think marvel don’t do everything on purpose? Pshh.
Johnnyboy99 (13 days ago)
I think the visions also foreshadow future movies. Thor's vision foreshadows ragnarok. Tony's vision foreshadows civil war and also infinity war. Steve's vision foreshadows possibly endgame where he might be brought back to his time to live with peggy. And black widow's vision foreshadows a future black widow origin story movie.
Telruin (13 days ago)
I think Thor's vision is Thor Ragnarok. Stark's vision is Infinity War. I'm guessing Steve Rogers vision will come up in the next one if there is a time travel element in it. (The dead are legion... Hela had an undead army)
Think all signs point to Adam Warlock — especially since he will probably appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. It would probably take too much time or a separate movie to introduce a massive character like Galactus or characters like the Skrulls.
Leica jaye Francisco (14 days ago)
I got a vision of me and my crush are dating I know its impossible
John Brown (14 days ago)
leilan.y (14 days ago)
im just fuckin depressed after this movie
Nathan Nate (14 days ago)
Stupid title for stupid content. It's basically stating "did the story reveal the story?" *face palm*
Rick Rolled (14 days ago)
why did the mind stone change colors from blue to amber?
One of the bros (14 days ago)
I cold see that
Lance Keeble (15 days ago)
Excellent job
SuP Sucka (15 days ago)
Captain Marvel: "I didn't come to fight in your war, I came to end it" Avengers: *Endgame*
TheRealTomato Wick (15 days ago)
imagine MCU with fortnite characters..... woahhhh............
Thomas Leur (15 days ago)
Ok, so I got this all figured out. Here we go: It all starts with Doctor Strange looking at all posibilities for the outcomes when he is on Titan. Tony asks how many they would win, which Strange answers with ''One''. Strange knows what to do. Later in Infinity War, after Thanos snapped his finger and killed 50% of life, and just before Doctor Strange turns into dust, he says: There was no other way. He saved Tony Stark for a reason. Why did he save Tony? Tony created BARF. A way of creating an alternate reality. Next is: Ant-Man. Goes into the Quantum Realm to steal one Infinity Stone, so they could travel back in time, and the remaining Avengers can collect all six stones themselves! Thats why there are pictures of the first Avengers on the internet. They travel back to collect Loki's septer and the Tesseract. 2 stones. It all starts with Doctor Strange his line: THERE WAS NO OTHER WAY (but saving Tony, and continuing the quest to collect the stones themselves).
Aames32 (15 days ago)
No.... In infinity war its said that tonys vision is what was to happen. Do you people even watch this movies?. The scarlet witch does not draw her powers from any infinity stone.... Who the fuck is this dipshit?
bigwilly43729 (16 days ago)
I think someone went to the Prometheus school of editing.
Sophia Wilson (16 days ago)
ps  Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch abilities comes form the Mind Stone. It kill the others whom volunteer for the experiment perform by Hydra. In the handbook it reads that the Mind Stone UNLOCK both their abilities.
Frazor07 (16 days ago)
No one says about the scene between Valkyrie and Loki in Thor : Ragnarok. *Valkyrie* : Choose your words wisely. Which is a hint to Thanos’s dialogue to Loki again *Thanos* : Choose your words wisely.
Logan Epp (17 days ago)
“Those who seek to bring the end may delay it. Those who seek to stop it may bring it closer” ~Paarthurnax.
FREEZA (17 days ago)
Well ur a smart motherfucker
Steve Santillan (17 days ago)
This actually makes sense that other theories. Well constructed based from MCU facts.
palabrajot505 (17 days ago)
Did this guy just elevate a second-rate Star Wars movie starring Hayden Christensen to the same level as Sophocles? Please tell me I imagined that.
Jeshua Madden (18 days ago)
definitely planned. The MCU is the greatest and most epic movie series of all time. Star wars doesn't hold a candle.
fresh B (18 days ago)
Scott Lee (18 days ago)
Where in the hell do people come up with this all this crazy shit? Seriously! How do you--a grown ass man--have the time to come up with all this crazy shit? No offense but you need to put the marvel movies down and watch porn or something. This is the stupidest pile of crap I've heard in a while.
Joel Luckhai (18 days ago)
I think by in the middle of a dark worpool was the infinity gauntlet being in the center of it.
t9 ViNiL (19 days ago)
Do u onow what a toothbrush is?
Tyrese Johnson (19 days ago)
When I saw these visions in the Age of Ultron they were chilling. Definitely struck a chord. Masterfully done by Marvel Studios.
SageofSixPaths (19 days ago)
So we just gonna ignore that Odin is supposed to be stronger than Thanos, but he was useless in every MCU movie he was in.
El De La Barba (19 days ago)
You are very informative.thank u
AJ Miz (19 days ago)
It’s actually 4 wise monkeys Do no evil is the last one
Thomas Carroll III (19 days ago)
Just interesting how at 2:46 when Thor shots lightning at an Asgardian they turn to dust...... hmmmm
Michael (20 days ago)
Nate Ely (20 days ago)
Did anyone ever pause the video at 3:51?. if you notice It looks like the Infinity Guantlet outline with all the stones.
DJ Shadow (20 days ago)
I really hope Infinity shows up or The One Above
Oh no the Hounds (20 days ago)
We need Ultron to return in some way , preferrably as an *A C T U A L L Y M E M O R A B L E* hero , since I feel how badass of a villain he was would really help whatever movie he'd be in
True Comments (20 days ago)
Alright then what happend to the little spiderman in his suit
Austin Hunt (20 days ago)
I think this is what happened
dat_gye_joe_daddy (10 days ago)
Why is vison so weak he never seems to actually be able to fight and kick butt.
dat_gye_joe_daddy (10 days ago)
Threesauce so if you are a bad ass you have to be a bad ass
Threesauce (10 days ago)
+dat_gye_joe_daddy no it was a suprise attack
dat_gye_joe_daddy (10 days ago)
He got injured because he was weak and lame by a c- bad guy.
Threesauce (10 days ago)
He got injured in the start but in theory he is the strongest avenger
Justin Time (21 days ago)
So where is the part about the ending
TevesGaming (22 days ago)
These are the hardest reaches in the world
In avengers age of ultron doesn’t Tony speak about the portal that opened up above the tower and said “that’s the endgame”
Blue Hero (22 days ago)
Is it me or does thanks look like that bad guy from iron man one who created a suit? Perhaps that's how he knows tony?
xSkullKrusher 15 (22 days ago)
Brandon is gay
Sean Gutierrez (22 days ago)
I have a feeling that Ms. Potts is the one who is going to save iron man. That is what I think . I based it in the scene of Infinity war when Ms. Potts called tony they said ( skip the not needed stuff ). After a while tony starts to lose signal and you will hear Ms. Potts said “ I’m going too.” Though it is just my guess.
pindiwal (22 days ago)
What do Thanos and Trump have in common...both have a NUT SACK OF A CHIN.
Nice pun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KING Gamer (22 days ago)
You didn’t say the last occasion for sacrificing so I’m guessing it’s gamora saving her sister.(I probably missed it idk comment and tell me where he said it)
Pastel.Rosez (23 days ago)
simple explanation: Ultron is a mini Thanos
Ian S (23 days ago)
Bang on! Definitely had this whole deepness planned
monsterrun (23 days ago)
having a vision is being affected by a spell cast. Visions purposes is to alter the "free will" of the character. 1 type of vision aims toward calrification of Thoughts process to have a much more clear view of the playing field. Other type visions aims to confuse the thoughts process which can lead to self destruction of the character. Thoughts preceeds all actions. A simple mind will be at ease and more free to carry its own will. "destiny". A complex or confused mind will be easily tormented and therefore turn against itself, enslaving it's will to anger. Anger is a very deep fear.
joey young (23 days ago)
🤯 now that makes sense
AW350M3 50N1C (23 days ago)
If Doctor Strange was wrong (I'm pretty sure he wasn't), these people could be held responsible for the end of Infinity War Iron Man- for not calling Captain America Nebula- for blabbing about Gamora Starlord- for punching Thanos before they took the gauntlet off Doctor Strange- for giving Thanos the time Stone Wanda- for not destroying the Mind Stone sooner Thor- for not going for the head When I first watched the movie, I blamed Starlord 100%
Andrew Dickens (23 days ago)
No they didn’t write that knowing what was going to happen in infinity. Infinity is a movie by the numbers (all be it amazing) a lot of this is just coincidence and reaches
Tre Garcia (23 days ago)
I think when he says the whirlpool of life with the mind stone at it's center he is referring to the snap because the mind stone is at the center of the gauntlet and all life in the universe is like a whirlpool getting sucked out if existence and the center of that whirlpool is the mind stone in the gauntlet
xTribalTerritoryx (24 days ago)
This dude is like a mega nerd
DwadeFL4SHMV3 (25 days ago)
I think everything he mentioned was bullshit lol. How to defeat ultron is a hint on defeating thanos? No lmao that’s how you beat ultron tf
Jay Morales (26 days ago)
Also in thorns vision it says the be prepare that hel with one L is spelled suggesting hella perhaps.
Uva Passa Suicida (26 days ago)
Craytos McFarfegnewton (26 days ago)
Don't bring Starlord(shitlord) back.
zeitGGeist (27 days ago)
if Stan lee show up as the one above all I will cry forever
Jay Owin (28 days ago)
I think when Thanos killed half of living beings that includes 3 infinity stones. Dr strange spell made it so that the time stone survived and leaves that chance of victory.
Dustin P (29 days ago)
Why does Thor's dream look like Eyes Wide Shut?
raynarayskye (29 days ago)
Them teeth tho
Marione Barroca (29 days ago)
If thor had gone for the head or thanos’s hand
Himanshu Pandey (29 days ago)
Man that was a great reasoning 👍👍

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