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SURPRISING MY BROTHER AND SISTER WITH A TRIP TO LA! Hollywood sign & Griffith Observatory!

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Adelaines Camera Roll (7 months ago)
SORRY I ACCIDENTALLY PUBLISHED THEN PRIVATED THE VIDEO BUT IT'S BACK UP NOW HAHA! Do YOU have siblings? Let me know in the comments! xoxo💛🌻💛🌻💛
Julia Caruso (6 months ago)
Adelaines Camera Roll I have a younger sister and older brother btw I’m 13 and I love 💕 you
ItsMo Officially (6 months ago)
Yass ! One sister and two brothers. Love ya 💜😆
Ghalia's Vidzz (6 months ago)
Adelaines Camera Roll yup I have 2 sisters and a brother and I’m the oldest
Olivia Schuller (7 months ago)
Adelaine plz notice me. Your my idol
Alli Dior Vlogs (7 months ago)
Sophie Playz are you Sophie if you are hi
Megan Phillips (4 months ago)
*Late by 3 months* ✌
danah bahlas_ (6 months ago)
I really like it bow you bond with brayden and celeste i really do hope the best for you all and i love you adelaineee so muchhh 💓💓
Aubrie Marcotte (6 months ago)
I think that bc she said she couldn’t show us he pallet I think it’s her new pallet that she’s making 💛
Super Sara16 (6 months ago)
I was jamming to the end song and then I heard a boop lol
Tomi Osunkoya (6 months ago)
Brayden looks older in the thumbnail who agrees
Ana Ortiz (6 months ago)
Can you show the different sizes of your merch next to each other so we can have a reference
Andin O'Brien (6 months ago)
I want to be at the point in my life that I don’t need to remember which day it is and forget
KawaiiAlex 9 (6 months ago)
Ice Cream (7 months ago)
Its your own
Nicole Gill (7 months ago)
I think the “special palette” was Alisha and Remi’s secret project...?
Sakshi Shah (7 months ago)
PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ON ROMWE!!!! (specially it's dresses, jewelry and stationary)
Tinie 5678 (7 months ago)
I was literally at Griphys (idk how to spell it) the day before she was there 😢😢😢
Nova Brent (7 months ago)
I think the pallet is Adelines coming out in November 2019
Shire Day (7 months ago)
I hope 🤞 I'm aloud to get your "beep bop" merch for Christmas cause I love it 😍 sooooo much 💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻
Talia Sezgin (7 months ago)
Did anyone else ball their eyes out in LaLa Land hahahahaha💛💛💛💛
Thib ault (7 months ago)
*It’s the exact same plaça as in GTA V so cool* 😂😂❤️ Love you and kisses from France 🇫🇷
Olivia Schuller (7 months ago)
Get her to one million on instagram plz. Adeline plz notice me your my idol I would do anything for you to DM me!!!!!!! My instagram is liv_sitara_
Thicc Oofasauras (7 months ago)
What about the Shane x Jeffrey star pallet uhhh so excited fer the launch!!! ❤️❤️😍
Nora hii (7 months ago)
Rac hel (7 months ago)
“I wish I could boom box” lmaoooo Adelaine beat box??
RainingAllAg (7 months ago)
I just lost my tooth
Sarah Mendez (7 months ago)
I might be too old for Braydon but he’s a cutie pie! 😏
Yari Cruz (7 months ago)
Opps 1:26😂😂😂I love you soo much adelaine 💛💛
christina rodriguez (7 months ago)
I love your merch but i also think its a lil to pricey for me. As a singel mother that lives on a budget i can't afford to spend that much on a sweater let alone that much on a note book. I support you girl but it's going to have to be by subscribing to you and making share i like all your videos.
Bekka Dowland (7 months ago)
Love your Stranger Things hoodie!
Yashika Singh (7 months ago)
Who else think she’s doing a makeup collab with tarte. I got this feeling since she mentioned that she’s working on somethin private that’ll take years. 😂❤️ love you adelaine❤️😍
rye bread (7 months ago)
rye bread (7 months ago)
6:11 my dog died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
AYI SA (7 months ago)
Love you!! I have been a subscriber since 2015 💗💕
Eliana Abigail (7 months ago)
Yaaasss QUEEN!✨😍
TheLovePug (7 months ago)
"I am just gonna put on a little bit of eye liner" *Puts full glam make-up on with out any eye liner* 😂 Ilysm Adelaine! 💛🌻💛
Kathy (7 months ago)
You guys should try hiking to the wisdom tree its beautiful up there too 😊
Ava Salmo (7 months ago)
1:26 bOoB mAlFuNtIoN
tea time! (7 months ago)
Ur so cute❤️
Sophia Kimzey (7 months ago)
October 9th was my b_day
kaelyn b. (7 months ago)
Emma-Rose Boilard (7 months ago)
Love you
Emma Kennedy (7 months ago)
Notification squad💛🌻🍋🍯🌞
Adrianna Bouloy (7 months ago)
Peep......Adeline coming out with makeup palate?
Anyar Zina (7 months ago)
Omg adelaine is making a pallet 3:21
I love your new merch
saamanduhh delacruz (7 months ago)
i love you ! and love your videos ! ❤️❤️ where did you get the stranger things hoodie ?
ca cubi (7 months ago)
What camera is thisv
ca cubi (7 months ago)
Probabaly one of my favorite videos! Loved this
Abbie’s Life (7 months ago)
Love u
Freya xD (7 months ago)
Love a good vlog😏💛💛💛💛💛💛
Elizabeth Gill (7 months ago)
"wish I could boom box" ilyyy 😂❤
Jessica Garcia (7 months ago)
I love the intro 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Tia Andersen (7 months ago)
9:49 😂❤️
leah connor (7 months ago)
your intro and day thing’s make halloween so much better 💞
GSG G (7 months ago)
Adelaine I am in the empowering Girls club at my school👧🏽
Ruby (7 months ago)
U hit 1 million ❤️❤️❤️
hahahah yeet _ (7 months ago)
1:41 did she say wtf
Sarah Tovar (7 months ago)
Adelaine's boob is blured in 1:26 😝😝😂😂
melissa81771 (7 months ago)
When are you going to update your bullet journal )):
gracey dameron (7 months ago)
I got your backpack
Brittany (7 months ago)
Im so beyond excited for your self love video!
Elizabeth Vang (7 months ago)
I miss seeing Meg in the vlogs, where did she go?
Bella Mauri (7 months ago)
I went to the Griffith Observatory earlier this year and I went to watch one of those movies. It was so cool. If you couldn’t tell you lay down and the movie is projected in the dome. When I went it was free tho😂love you adelaine💛
Mia Angela (7 months ago)
I have one younger brother and were just 5 yrs apart :p lol I feel like the only one who answered if they had siblings.. hahaha
rye bread (7 months ago)
YASSS LOVE SIBLINGS VLOGS!!! mostly because I have no siblings 😅 ILYSM!! CANT WAIT FOR BEEP BOOP MERCH!! 🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻💛
Ana Cantos (7 months ago)
I want your merch but I live in Spain😟but girl I still love you💛🌻
Yeishliann Rodríguez (7 months ago)
Can i be your sister Adelaine😂😍
lara elizabeth (7 months ago)
I genuinely love Adelaine
Emilija Stefanovič (7 months ago)
Is she doing her palette?!!!!
F. H. (7 months ago)
0:39 Adelaine quick life hack that you can use everyday use water 🤷‍♂️💁‍♂️🙏✌️ (still don’t understand why people only use toilet paper 😑) ps I am not trying to be rude thanksss love Adelaine ♥️🙏😂
pati lopez (7 months ago)
Alright everyone please tell yo mama,sisters,and cousins to follow Adelaine on IG because I want that beep bop merch before my birthday 😩💛
MASHA !!! (7 months ago)
Are you making a Make up palette!!!! OMG!!!😍😍😍 I hope so.I hope to write! But even if you’re not that would be a good idea😏
Maisie Henderson (7 months ago)
Celeste is such a mood 😂 ly Adelaine
Aurora Mindoljevic (7 months ago)
Oh next year she is coming up with her make up brand cuz when she said last vlog somting is comin next year december 2019...soo okurr
Omgggg you are going to launch your own makeup?????????
Katie Crane (7 months ago)
Harpreet Bains (7 months ago)
Stranger things hoodie yasss
Mileysha Quinones (7 months ago)
I have two brothers and they are amazing but annoying 🤪🥰
Mileysha Quinones (7 months ago)
She is making a makeup line ❤️❤️❤️
Hana Mari (7 months ago)
i love your stranger things hoddie ❤❤❤❤
Charlotte Daley (7 months ago)
merch i see at the start of the vlog ??!! 😍😱
Hla E (7 months ago)
could the special pallet possibly be a collaboration being released in 2019😲
Analis vloggie's (7 months ago)
Annslee Langford (7 months ago)
True the hardest part of traveling is leaving your pets behind
Emma Melz (7 months ago)
love your video's!
Tiara Sim (7 months ago)
What's with the date
Katie Johnson (7 months ago)
PLEASE go to the getty center you would love and appreciate it!!!!
Lana bananana (7 months ago)
She says she'll put a little bit of eyeliner on and next clip is her with a full face of makeup bahaha 1:53
The Tea (7 months ago)
DiamondRose (7 months ago)
I have 3 brothers btw Adelaine you are the best (I would cry with happiness if you responded back to the)
Kirstin Ljósheim (7 months ago)
"I wish i could boombox" ??? Lol😂😂❤️
sabrina carper (7 months ago)
Michael Caywood (7 months ago)
It’s okay, we’ll forgive you.
CupCakeAnimates 321 (7 months ago)
I wish i can boom box😂😂 it's beatbox
jelena daley (7 months ago)
💛🌻💛🌻💛💛🌻💛🌻💛I have been feeling that she is having a makeup line for so long 💛🌻💛🌻💛💛🌻💛🌻💛💛🌻💛🌻💛
jelena daley (7 months ago)
she is having a makeup line !!!!!!!!!!!!
Poppy Fern (7 months ago)
I have 3 sisters I love youuu xx💛💛💛
Holly Freeman (7 months ago)
*just what I needed, an Adelaine vlog after a day in prison.. (school lol)* ✨💛🌻⚡️
Minnie and Georgia Wooke (7 months ago)
I have two brothers 💛💛💛
Sorch Xox (7 months ago)
Queen of vlogging 💛💛💛💛💛💛
Rachel Smith (7 months ago)
Damn! I wish you were my older sister
Jayleigh Official (7 months ago)
Makeup is coming out in November
Nathaly Show (7 months ago)
Can you please do a video how do you do your make up with the power you bought yesterday

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