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How to Pick Up a Hot Latina With a BF On The Beach (day game infield)

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LEARN THE ART & SCIENCE OF ATTRACTING WOMEN Infield Academy ► http://www.honestsignalz.com/interest In this day game infield video, Vadim demonstrates how to pick up a reserved hot Latina girl on the beach during the day. He uses a direct daygame approach, builds attraction, comfort and then proceeds to take her on an instadate. He attempts a make out and ends up number closing her even though she has a boyfriend. This video is a great example of how you need to give girls time to warm up to the idea of talking to a stranger and that THE biggest indicator of interest is whether she's still there. Coaching ► http://honestsignalz.com/bootcamp Extras ► http://www.honestsignalz.com/Extras --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/HonestSignalz Instagram ►http://www.Instagram.com/honest.signalz
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Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
What up Casanovas. In this daygame infield video, where I meet a hot reserved Latina on the beach in Miami and take her on an epic instadate. This video is a great example of how you need to give girls time to warm up to the idea of talking to a stranger and that THE biggest indicator of interest is whether she's STILL THERE. Hit that like button if you enjoyed it and leave a comment below. For uncut infield breakdowns ► http://www.honestsignalz.com/interest 😘
Gurdit Singh (10 months ago)
Mason A ancient treasure is valued the most...completes 'the';) history...Mon ami
Alex A (10 months ago)
Honest Signalz it was great 👍
Mason A (10 months ago)
Come on Vadim! Stop uploading old stuff!
Monty G (3 months ago)
Are you sober in these interactions, coz I can only do this when I'm high
Damani Dennis (3 months ago)
Anyone know the song at the end
Leonardo gonçalves (4 months ago)
You're to much of a smartass, at the and you should stop the comedian play and be normal (you too arrogant and obsessively calm and laid back).
Leonardo gonçalves (4 months ago)
Cringe if you don't fucked her.
waynepizzaguy (4 months ago)
Boring ass girl.
Nobody Knows (7 months ago)
so the camera dude just hang 5m from you the whole time? :D :D :D
Adesh Parikh (7 months ago)
She walks as if she has a dick in between her legs
Mark Anderson (8 months ago)
Love you Vadim but ugh this girl was boring.
nyc dubai (8 months ago)
Vadim you are clearly gifted. I am dreaming right now of what my life could be if I keep watching your videos. That girl was really cute. At the end when she said "I don't kiss on a first date" 14:51, wouldn't it had been better that you said, "Oh so we are having a date? We are dating? " and play with that concept. How could you play with that concept of she calling your interaction a date? "Oh so you already decided about your boyfriend and me, we ARE dating." "You are such a naughty girl, dating before he even leaves" etc. I'd like to hear your ideas about that if, in fact, she was the one who brought it up (there was a cut right before). It seems that when she rejected your kiss you were a little bit taken aback and struggled with the closing. You had already built the rapport so she was patient and let you recover. She crossed her arms in front of her chest in protective position (saying "just move on to the number close, we're done for today") and was waiting for you to ask to exchange contact info for later follow-up. You did way better than I would've. Good stuff. Please let me know your thoughts.
Mario Walgram (9 months ago)
haha that was sooo fun....vadim I admire your patience
J G (9 months ago)
i have no experience with cold approaching, only meeting girls online and by mutual friends but.. wouldn't it be better to get straight to the point, show your intent and exchange phone numbers instead of entertaining her and qualifying yourself, etc. ?
Arthas (9 months ago)
Owl is the sign of wisdom???!, you don care man, you just wanna pick her up like a pickup terminator, hahhaha When u see an owl, it means you are doomed
K D100 (9 months ago)
Oh, you're from Venezuela, let's talk about Cuba, they speak Spanish there too!
Jerome 092 (10 months ago)
Even though its an old video, remember seeing it a while back, its still really good, game is smooth and effortless, the girl is boring but maybe she is shy because her English is not her primary language
nyc dubai (8 months ago)
Maybe because she is so hot and has been through a lot. She said it herself: "I never fall in love with anyone."
Edumacation95 (10 months ago)
put some more philosophy in your vids like the old days! but otherwise masterful
christothegreat1 (10 months ago)
Upload the day2 to the bedroom
Banana Juice (10 months ago)
What happened to austin
DjBaapreB (10 months ago)
Good job man. I liked that you just had stories to tell. Thanks 👍
S7evin (10 months ago)
i imagine she was more lively on the next meeting on a more intimate atmosphere? btw good job
BenficaHaze 1904 (10 months ago)
This is fake. Dude is corny af
BenficaHaze 1904 (10 months ago)
No Hombre wait what ? Im sorry I don't understand, you think the guy in the video is a virgin ? Or you thinking im a virgin ?
No Hombre (10 months ago)
BenficaHaze 1904 lol Virgins ATTACK!
jonny mnemonic (10 months ago)
and you bang her? if not yozr fucking loser. to much conversation for nothing.
zapantalambda (10 months ago)
always fun to watch your videos Vadim!
theboldz (10 months ago)
man is a legend
bszphoto (10 months ago)
You paid for her lemonade???
Knowledge77 (10 months ago)
its easy to talk to foreign girls
Tarik Abdoul Jamal (10 months ago)
Bru Prasad (10 months ago)
Vadim is Mr 305 lolol
Anon Nymous (10 months ago)
she is a bitch, has a boyfriend and does this behind his back
More Chicken (10 months ago)
Dam son
ClyDe YT (10 months ago)
Wtf lmao how did I get here I don't remember
Alex Romanov (10 months ago)
Vadim how tall are you?
messyties (10 months ago)
Ill fuck a donkey, you dont know me
Javi Johnson (10 months ago)
Hey Vadim we want to see the Most interesting man in the world picking up girls again dude 😅
Jerome 092 (10 months ago)
Javi Johnson agree best one ever!!
craig6t (10 months ago)
Man, so smooooth! How much does it take to get to this point, where it looks so effortless?
sebbefalt (10 months ago)
craig6t You don't have to practice game to be good, you just have to get in touch with yourself and game comes free because it's natural. In other words you can game hard as fuck and indirectly become one with your soul or you can go to a buddhist temple and meditate and get in touch with yourself and then game comes naturally the second you're no longer living inside your head.
Jason (10 months ago)
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat can’t believe you’re back
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
lol. I'll NEVER abandon you
Lyubo Yanev (10 months ago)
Smooth like smoothie! :) Btw. here is a link to the Leonardo butt workouts infomercial :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZbZptsHKI8
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
hahaha amazing! his fucking accent.
Khawar Naeem (10 months ago)
Respect , Vadim, only respect! love the music too!
AhmedCool (10 months ago)
im a virgin...
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
that doesn't necessarily have to be your destiny
Cheenu Khurana (10 months ago)
you are really funny man.. may be you should write a book with all your conversations and funny lines recorded in that
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
one day. one day.
Occupy Edge (10 months ago)
Vadim has blessed us with another video, time to sacrifice another virgin
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
If the gods demand it, the gods demand it.
Gurdit Singh (10 months ago)
The lady was cool...Rare find
Gurdit Singh (10 months ago)
Idle Insights (10 months ago)
The effortlessness of conversation comes from years of experience and is something to behold, but surely your mind's going at a much greater speed game planning, quantifying logistics, how to pull, etc.?
AJ (10 months ago)
all these newbies praising vadim because he can talk to a girl but any bro with experience will tell you that this was shit. Vadim's conversation is very boring and flat -- too much "i saw a documentary about x, y, z" shit that does nothing but occupy time. His stories need to trigger emotions, not bore her into zombie state by being a walking HBO documentary. The most she invested was at 8:50 when Vadim finally brought up the topic of relationships, shoulda stayed on that theme and cracked some more jokes.
Steve Portillo (6 months ago)
+Honest Signalz vibes speak louder than words. Superfacts
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
Being engaging is using your eye contact, facial expressions, body language and a variation in vocal pace and tonality. The topics are of little importance. With a certain tone and facial expressions one could have a sexualised conversation about the weather and get a girl aroused, but such emotional spikes should only be done at opportune moments and should at most be sprinkled in. Also, what you find interesting in terms of conversational content may or may not correspond to what others find interesting, and that's perfectly normal.
AJ (10 months ago)
being engaging is as simple as bringing up a relationship topic like you did at 8:50. All your other conversational topics where flat and boring. There could be more because like you said, this was a 15min cut of what was an hour interaction but I doubt it.
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
Thanks for sharing AJ. It appears that inexperienced guys who have gotten used to watching flash game (which i have plenty of on my channel) have a distorted understanding on what it means to build a connection. Moreover many guys assume that all girls are the same in their level of masculine/feminine polarity, energy level, values, culture, risk thresholds, experience, sexual appetite etc The best form of game is where you can connect on a deep level through genuine but engaging conversation peppered with elements of flirtation and charisma, lead (physically, conversationally, and emotionally) and build subtle physical comfort. In aggregate this should convey all the right "honest signals", or in other words communicate your sexual and social worth, but also make a girl feel safe and comfortable around you. If you're just cracking jokes, and hitting emotional spikes, you'll come off as an insecure, un-relatable circus monkey, something I see a lot of guys struggle with. More than that, you won't even register as a real person in her mind, but instead as a fleeting emotional experience that she can't quite reconcile with reality. This is one of the biggest reasons for flakes. For more please refer to my responses above. Also note that this was a 1hr interaction cut up into 15min.
Maddox (10 months ago)
Yeh keep dreamin no pick up there nor was she even hot.
Jaylin Allen (10 months ago)
12:00 12:12
Leo Kadin (10 months ago)
Casanovas listening to bossa nova :D
Matthew Furman (10 months ago)
Sooooooo smooth.
Sam Adu (10 months ago)
lol Imagine watching one of his videos to realise he fucked your girl
Влад Печкин (10 months ago)
ахахаха высший класс)
Bernard Anderson (10 months ago)
Hey vadim we want an update on what happens after this first date
Moorice aka Lance (10 months ago)
Out of all the clips you have I'm very disappointed that you decided to upload this one because from the looks of the whole thing she wasn't giving you any indicators of interest and nothing it just seems like you are there too take up time and her day not in a bad way but just she had nothing else going on so you were there and she had a conversation with you Just to get to the end to say that she had a boyfriend and then also when you get her number she says give me your number I'll call you she is in control of this the entire time you were just there having a conversation this is definitely not a video you should have uploaded But I do love all of your other content and I still love this content but to say this is a video on how to pick up a hot Latina with a boyfriend on the beach is completely incorrect because it doesn't look like you picked up anything she was the one in control of this the entire time basically
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
Interesting observations Moorice, but you seem to have a very distorted perception of what happened. Please refer to some of my responses above. Also when a girl is really attracted to you (which she was) but has a bf, she's met with feelings of guilt along with more fear and insecurity (than what women already normally experience). Sometimes they instinctively think that by getting your number it gives them a greater "sense of control", a false sense that is. In any case she called me then and there. Having said that for uncut infield breakdowns with complete analysis sign up for the academy interest list. All will be revealed there. www.honestsignalz.com/interest.
Did you bang her, the cousin, and the french boyfriend all at the same time tho? It doesn't count if you didn't...
youtoomf (10 months ago)
Ben Valenzuela (10 months ago)
Honest Signalz can't forget the donkey
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
lol. you know it.
It doesn't get more gangster than the Vadimeister himself
Lund3000 (10 months ago)
The goodbye scene was like out of a movie, Vadim takes a final look at that ass and sips his coffee like a boss as it cuts to Latin music...fucking phenomenal man. I’ve watched your shit for years and it never ceases to amaze me.
Ed Don (10 months ago)
she was boring AF
Alex A (10 months ago)
Badiem is Smoth love the music touch
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
Bailamos! haha
Ivan RDawn (10 months ago)
Охуенно ;)
toby gto (10 months ago)
The owl as a pet! Laughed my ass off!!!
Susmito Rittik (10 months ago)
Can't believe you stayed in this set for so long... She was giving very little to keep you interested. I'm up to 12:45, and I don't think I've heard her say a single thing that's remotely interesting or clever or funny. It's like you're putting in all the effort in the conversation. If it was me, I would have lost interest in the interaction within the first 3 minutes. Don't know how you do man!
B H (1 month ago)
If a girl has nothing to do, as this one didn't, then having a man entertain her instead of being bored alone is no sign of investment. Many times my longest interactions reaped the least rewards.
Zibba TheSecond (4 months ago)
jimene augusto D and yet you watch and spend valuable time commenting? You are not what you think....
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
Relevant observation. 1) Biggest indicator of interest as I mentioned above is whether she's still there, especially during the day when she really doesn't have to be. 2) Keep in mind that some girls are more shy, reserved, introverted. So you have to be patient with them. 3) Girls are generally not used to the idea of meeting strangers on the street so it's your job to warm them up to the idea 4) She has a bf, so she's also a bit conflicted about the whole thing 5) This was a 1hr interaction that I cut down to 15min and she was definitely investing at times but having said that you should also be ok with moments of silence and just being present in each others' company. 6) She was sweet and had good energy, but I'm not necessarily looking for a girlfriend when I first meet a girl. Also men are more visual creatures and she was a cutay!
Intellectuality (10 months ago)
No one... no one loses interest in a girl that has a smoking body and a natural tan.
Freestyle (10 months ago)
If she doesn't leave, she is still *in it*. I actually prefer low-key game like this, since like V, I am endlessly witty, especially on edibles :) Just have to be sure to escalate and use subcomms.
arslan chaudhry (10 months ago)
Castorp Z. (10 months ago)
classy Latina ;)
Juan Cano (10 months ago)
Vadim has material for days.
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
Future goal. write a sitcom :)
youtube youtube (10 months ago)
that vibe towards the end sheesh where's the day 2
adam boujouf (10 months ago)
vadim you're personality match mine pretty much
TheOriginalSting (10 months ago)
This is definitely young Vadim. He now sports the God of War beard, and exudes a style of game that originated from Greek mythology. Once the Greeks became docile, and no longer yearned to conquest, they became Candian. Everything I just said is 100% true. I must know Vadim, and this has no bearing on what I think about this excellent infield. Did she ever summon the courage to text you back for a meet up?
Halo2Trigate (10 months ago)
Love the Seinfeld themed conversations. That humor can only be derived from countless hours of Larry David’s brilliance.
Lund3000 (10 months ago)
Halo2Trigate lmao now I think about it, Seinfeld shit indeed 😂
Halo2Trigate (10 months ago)
No reference. Just casually talking about obscure topics, pet owls, men sleeping with donkeys, exclusive cuban debate clubs, etc
Lund3000 (10 months ago)
Halo2Trigate I missed the Seinfeld reference, what was it?
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
Simply Abdou (10 months ago)
this infield is so old , i've seen it before
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
I've only posted the opener before.
Godfather13371 (10 months ago)
How tall are you Vadim?
Medinalegend (10 months ago)
Honest Signalz he mean ur dick
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
Neiro.Ferine (10 months ago)
Ill be honest it definetly felt like you had to bust through that opening, oof. Twas cringy. You recovered though :))
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
It wasn't too bad tbh. She was a bit reserved but that's something you learn to expect during the day. Not every girl will be super enthusiastic right off the bat.
joshua moran (10 months ago)
God dam vadim your swag is sooo pooring, i suck at "story time" so i guess thats what im missing. i like the random touching tho.
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
thanks mayn. building physical comfort in a subtle way over time is very important. Also assuming a frame of "familiarity" helps with the conversation.
No Hombre (10 months ago)
Real fans know this is from a while ago but also know this is fire nonetheless
No Hombre (10 months ago)
Honest Signalz Yeah I know brah. I just had to give myself the title of "Real Fan" because well... i am 😉
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
I have so much entertaining and educational infield footage archived from the last few years. Have to share it with the world one way or another :)
Mike (10 months ago)
Wheres Austen
Genghis Khan (10 months ago)
Search austen summers on YouTube
RapidRambo (10 months ago)
Mike probably deep inside another Latina
Battle HUB (10 months ago)
You should've fucker her in the ass
Marcus Cho (10 months ago)
Only discovered this channel recently but this guy has some of the most effortless game ive seen.
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
it's all the coconut water I drink ;)
JOE peeer (10 months ago)
amazing ,,,if i aint seen it i wouldnt bell live it
victor alcantara (10 months ago)
But did you smash though?
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
ABC always be closing lol
Dulmurry (10 months ago)
Master of improv. When you started talking about the pet owl 😂😂💀💀
Marcus Cho (10 months ago)
20 hours high ROI on owlkeeping ;)
Dulmurry (10 months ago)
Honest Signalz if you ever need advice you know where to find me. I consider myself an expert on the subject
Honest Signalz (10 months ago)
haha. maybe one day I could still get that pet owl. I'd need to hire someone to take care of it though.

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