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Queen of Spades the Obsession for black men

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#SYSBM date out http://queenofspadesonly.tumblr.com/ http://tribes.tribe.net/636669f9-f4e6-4d89-aab9-ed8fa5ea101f/thread/af161dd0-f349-4695-82ad-3a58c3b651d9 Links to my new shirts http://www.cafepress.com/cp/customize/product2.aspx?number=1695504119 http://www.cafepress.com/cp/customize/product2.aspx?number=1695523129
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Text Comments (970)
jennifer lans (16 hours ago)
black cock is simply better then white
Solid Truth (3 days ago)
BBC World News
doug1863 (4 days ago)
Yesterday I just saw a woman with a huge black spade tattooed on calf just above her ankle. She was with her family !!!!
Enlightened Man (13 days ago)
Just goes to show that white women belong to black men now. People just need to accept it and get over it.
Always at War (21 days ago)
so what tats to us black men get when we are devoted to white girls?
Chris Burroughs (25 days ago)
Yskiwalker Walket (1 month ago)
Michael OF C (1 month ago)
Shawn Rheal (1 month ago)
These women need to be put out of there misery
Cng215 (1 month ago)
LMAO your presence alone is testiment to your insecurities use all project. If no one is a threat and you've not a shred of animosity or jealousy THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE LOL . This is for white women who luv blacks and black men who love ww . All else have nothing to do with thy current topic so kick rocks lol.
Robert Smith (1 month ago)
why people don't hate you because of your skin color they hate you because your f*****-up attitudes
Cng215 (1 month ago)
Who cares.... Mlk didn't have a attitude, didn't sag or listen to rap and wore suits everywhere he went preaching peace and yall still BLEW HIS PHUCKING HEAD OFF. We've come to the conclusion that no matter what we do you people have a problem. So we will enjoy life to the fullest, simply kick you out of africa, boycott your businesses and are in the process of developing high conviction mental fortitude skill to IGNORE YOU while phucking your women who adore us to breed you out. Some told me they hate white guys, too beta, (Jewish women especially hate white guys and love black men) and we will proceed to phuck that 8% global population to YOU'VE GUESSED IT 0 . So let the 21% African American and Caucasian women marriage rate increase and thy open boarder policy commence ;) enjoy your opiodes, despair , low birth rates and dying from soda pop and go virtue signal yo ass on stormfront, there's a shit ton of attitudes you can change over there...... Ps ww love my homeboy too and he's Mexican jajajajajaja.
Robert Smith (1 month ago)
I know Nikki was saying the same s*** and then his white wife got f***** by a white boy in her bed with a two year old son in the bed while she was getting f*****
Robert Smith (1 month ago)
what other race constantly talks about race other than blacks answer nobody
Cng215 (1 month ago)
Project away lol
Onyx Stone (1 month ago)
Why do you care ?
Robert Smith (1 month ago)
Black men have such low self-esteem. The only girls you can get are girls who fuck anybody black just cuz they black. With all these black women with incredible bodies and you want a white women who will fuck anyone black
FritzlscheFieber (1 month ago)
These Girls have Penis! All of them
FritzlscheFieber (1 month ago)
Glenn Quagmire (1 month ago)
What they're doing is poking the white mens pride and when he wakes up he will ebd up impaling those women and possibly exterminating the black race. We all know the capacity of war of the white man.
William Elliott (2 months ago)
Under endowed white husbands have to accept their shapely white wives going for black lovers who can please them in bed. It's the law of the jungle.
L.A.B ART (2 months ago)
Years after slavery and these white women are still using black guys ,negro please.
Cng215 (1 month ago)
Ummmm alot of white women have started businesses and paid off 60 million dollar debt for black men but if guys like gain cars and beach houses is being used sign me up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lutKissX5fU
hussar (2 months ago)
If the dick wasnt big the white women would not want black men at all thts the problem
trevor smith (2 months ago)
Any white chicks on this site already know they want the D and cannot argue or justify any worth beyond inferior needs to be dominated. 😂 white chicks on here getting offended lmao who cares if your offended should have saved your selves for marriage and been a good girl but you cant so you look for daddy.
Bobby Cosimini (3 months ago)
Cuck and cool
trevor smith (3 months ago)
my brothas smash these white bitches my Arab Muslim brothers smash these worthless white bitches. white women are only good for 3 things giving head getting bred and then leaving them. 😂😂😂
trevor smith (2 months ago)
Elizabeth Jerrett but you love black penis? So why are you on this site if you dislike the brothas girl cuz they don't dislike you
trevor smith (2 months ago)
Elizabeth Jerrett hey don't get mad cuz you love it
Raul Sanchez (3 months ago)
My salvadorian wife is currently training with a 9 inch thick black dildo
Uncommon Guest (5 days ago)
Raul Sanchez Fake account detected.
TheOne111 (3 months ago)
Yea i think I'll pass
Eric Undertaker (3 months ago)
Getting my queen tat sat over my. Clit. For real.
negrimaru (3 months ago)
Xie-Xie, +MBD MadBusDriverX for this video. I've learn a LOT in the last 20 minutes.
negrimaru (3 months ago)
Oooh, at 4:56 -- *buzzer* I'll play. That's a question? Ok I'll give it a go. It may not be any kind of reasonable answer, let alone a correct one -- if there IS an answer. I'll STILL try anyhow... My answer... WHITE MEN. Why I say that answer: Asian women wearing pantsuits in public, running after white guys.
negrimaru (3 months ago)
*After **3:20** ; I continue to listen (AND watch IN CONJUCTION) to the video.*
negrimaru (3 months ago)
Paused at 3:20 in the video; LISTENING (not even looking, my computer is slow catching up) thinking: "The Poker Game!" I'm thinking...."Is THIS how the card game of POKER was INVENTED, everybody?!" See, this is what the game of life has been I see. Hmmm... I think I'll have more to say later.
Cumdump Forbigblackcocks (3 months ago)
all white women should worship every big black cock and white men should enjoy them being happy!!!
Bruce Ellison (3 months ago)
It’s funny to me by making the image of us something to be avoided they gave us a slight power not to mention human curiosity
Kirk Miller (4 months ago)
Warning to you brothers!!! American white girls are fucked up in the head too!! Shit pretty much all American women got damn issues!! If you want something good you will have to hit those waters! Eastern Europe is where it's at!!! Moving my business into the Ukraine / Moldova market this summer now those are some fine MOFOs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cjjaxxon (4 months ago)
I knew there are white women that like black men. But I knew NOTHING about the Spade thing.
Cng215 (1 month ago)
There's more organisations
Worst Thing Than A Police State. Is A Nigga State.
trevor smith (4 months ago)
look brothas y'all need to stop feeling guilty or ashamed of smashing white booty. because booty no matter what color is mo impotent then drinking wata booty is more impotent then eating food. you need to just live your life and smash as many white girls as possible and watch all the white guys get jealous and angry cuz there girls pregnant and you didn't stick around 😂 white dudes step up your game that's all work out where better clothes take pride in your D game and maybe more white chicks will flock to you. I am white I prefer sistas my self and white girls take pride in your only reason for dating black men BBC don't lie just admit you crazy without one.
Derek Franks (4 months ago)
there some videos on You tube showing white babes checking out black athletes Tommy S. was showing & talking about it The Sexy Thick Blonde looks like CNN Brianna Keiler
Derek Franks (4 months ago)
They are Asian, middle eastern , Latino like this too
Derek Franks (4 months ago)
I m glad to know they are out there
Derek Franks (4 months ago)
ABC Modern Family did an episode about this season 7 8 or 9 you have to see it sitcom
Aiesha Mumford (4 months ago)
Love or Fetish?
Ted Smith (4 months ago)
Thats a hoe stamp if I ever saw one. Just hit it with a condom (maybe) and step the other way.
Bryce Word (4 months ago)
marido fiel (4 months ago)
some white boys like me we have a obsession with black mens too
William Elliott (5 months ago)
So many underendowed white husbands have to accept their pretty white wives going for black lovers who can please them in bed..... It's the law of the jungle.
Terry Rattler (5 months ago)
I Dated A Woman From Iceland Name Was Hillda she nice Eouropean And She like Blackmen
Jeremy Sears (5 months ago)
0:24 in says it all... That's what you call marketing to your target demographic...
a diska (5 months ago)
my very first bf asked me to give a bj to his black friend. it was fun.
Nathan Graul (6 months ago)
any black guys who read this comment contact me... looking for some black guys for my wife
Rizzo 660 (6 months ago)
He had a pic of DFW Knight
W Mii (6 months ago)
Liberals, safe zones, desiring to be owned by, well, Lol. There is always a small, weak percent of every population that gets weeded out. Many commented here. Pathetic. Please, go ahead and breed your blood line out of existence and make room for the survivors of civilization. I assure you your "paramours" will not proliferate civilization, Lol.
torey joseph (6 months ago)
Glad I know this because the black chicks in Arizona are stuck up
immortal portal (1 month ago)
u sound so confused.....u say black men cant keep other races of women out of their mouth...then say she loves a white man ...lmao fuxin idiot ... not surprised Hispanic's r brain washed to the Max
Lizania Rodriguez (5 months ago)
I am Hispanic woman and I love Hispanic and white man the most. They not like blacks Americans. Hispanic and whites man love all woman the same and they are very respectful. Black men are lost.
Lizania Rodriguez (5 months ago)
torey joseph yes and the black men from in Boston and USA are not stuck up. Wow you got to be kidding me. Black men are very hateful. If you black men date white woman. Then why can't you keep others races of woman out your mouth.
torey joseph (6 months ago)
Had no idea
burnt DNA (6 months ago)
Classic ass video here... Snow bunnys all day 🐇
smply amzng (6 months ago)
WTF is going on
Saif Noble (7 months ago)
Eric Undertaker (7 months ago)
My gf is cuckolding me with a younger bbc bull. He is like 6x bigger, and she loves it. I asked if she d get a queen of spades tat, she said if I did too. So yes.
unkameat74 .unkameat77 (7 months ago)
unkameat74 .unkameat77 (6 months ago)
true dat,Emily
Emily Murray (7 months ago)
unkameat74 .unkameat77 it's true black history is world history.
honey badger (7 months ago)
This stuff is a growing trend, look at this one as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vK0H0TW_IN0
mark shaw (7 months ago)
I met a woman at a new years party last night and she showed me her queen of spade tattoo and explained to me what it meant. I had know clue about this culture and i think if that's what you like then that's what you like. Personally i'm flattered that ya'll would see us as the beautiful people we are.
elohim660 (1 month ago)
Jennifer Tyler U R Scum
elohim660 (1 month ago)
mark shaw I hate Niggers
Jennifer Tyler (7 months ago)
mark shaw I'm not really a tattoo girl myself, but it's great to see black guys appreciated.
Nastia (7 months ago)
I wouldn't wear a tattoo or shirt or anything but..
Hello, Sidney! (7 months ago)
deva stacia Do you have any black babies?
Amber (7 months ago)
This is a lifestyle preference. Some prefer chocolate and some prefer vanilla. Some of those tattoos are actually real, but some are worn as temporary tattoos. There is a great selection available at www.hotwifestore.com
I tell you what you don't see white men that date black women promoting black women like that That's why white men and black women hate the relationship between the black man and white woman .
SWAGG MONTANA (7 months ago)
what appreciation
Mike S (8 months ago)
1:53 7:35 I wish me that with my wife! 2:20 Would be okay with me. I am white ^^ 3:02 Great Shirt 6:12 I wish it my Wife love the same. 3:16 6:53 7:42 Great Pantie 0:01 0:56 7:28 Thats what i want.
charles Fields (8 months ago)
Love those women
Mike S (8 months ago)
me too
Katie Price wants black sperm donor http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/celebrity/katie-price-wants-black-sperm-donor-1101363.html?f=rss
immortal portal (9 months ago)
ALL EYES ON ME (9 months ago)
its a porn star dude wtf .all women know the size doesn,t matter but the stupid guys think like that and its true .
Michael Smith (10 months ago)
If you're with a black woman, you're not winning.
Don Anderson (2 months ago)
Michael Smith how does going to other races of women equates to winning
Asadian Belifont (10 months ago)
Mud sharks are always left disappointed after they get MUH dicked enough times.
Baby Hay (10 months ago)
I'm 16 and I cannot wait to get one I can't believe I have to wait 2 more yrs ugh
Uncommon Guest (5 days ago)
Baby Hay Another weirdo black male pretending to be a white woman with a fake account.
Zeus (1 month ago)
Baby Hay no need to wait just find one your age. Every white woman deserves a BBC.
Elizabeth Jerrett (2 months ago)
Baby Hay you are a fucking Whore
Kay gotsole (6 months ago)
Baby Hay wtf
Mike S (8 months ago)
Why do you want to wait two more years? Don't wait, find a good one ;)
marido fiel (11 months ago)
white husband be obsession for black men too
iluvwhtchix (11 months ago)
Kenneth Mahnken (1 year ago)
who needs a bull in atl hmu I'm 10 inches long 3 inches wide and hmu white lady's and Latinos snow bunnys welcome email [email protected]
badoo bust (10 months ago)
Please send me a mail please superior bull pleaseee [email protected]
Sun Ray (1 year ago)
Jump offs this is the name for these women......... black men that fuck these women only do it because these white girls fuck and suck everything....... A jump off gets passed around ...... Black is the word given to Melinated people by the slave master..... Bronze Brothas, are different, these are the brothas that love sistas only and would not dare touch a jump off! Because he know it's about survival and the need his semen, cum, and babies to survive......... they don't love black men, they love the protein that gives them a few more healthy years of survival........ Bronze brothas love there thick, voluptuous, thick thighs, bronze to coffee color, round butt, big breast , kinky hair, sista Queens !!!!!!!!!!
Omega1andonly (1 year ago)
Thank you MBD, you're gettin me through a tough time in life right now & the point at the end of this video really stood out to me: not to get stuck in the average black person lifestyle
davisgreen2099 (1 year ago)
Anton Kukharev (1 year ago)
Its not being good and even bad too. Bad is cheating. If husband let his girl do blacks its ok. I dont respect it but fuck it I dont care, thats their life
Brell215 (1 year ago)
I think that chick qos is married to a white guy really and cuckold black men
Shannon williams (1 year ago)
look up the CDC statistics....70% of black men in America do have Venereal Herpes....So once they go....they can stay
Uncommon Guest (5 days ago)
Shannon williams They usually get those STD's through sexual contact with other men.
Kay gotsole (6 months ago)
Shannon williams gtfoh with that lie.
Mark Willsion (1 year ago)
also whoever keeps saying the shit colored ape comment. your just the color of Birdshit!! LMAO Also goes for the sellout Latin dude saying the same thing! your just pissed cause your probably packing 4/5 inches.. not even a Subway 6" LMAO!! like fucking brown shit monkey!!! lmao
LL Lewis (1 year ago)
i like white women for sex only. have no interested in falling in love with them i love my own race more
Mike S (8 months ago)
That's okay. I hope you're taking a lot of white women. I hope my Wife in there, too. ^^ :)
Romeo Must (1 year ago)
To all black man! this deceptive heart shape is the keyhole of your jail cell door, and her co-race man the key bearer. black man speech.
Fred Halstied (1 year ago)
lot of fantasy stuff I think. most white people HATE black people.
David Earle (1 year ago)
youtube won't let me watch controversial videos lagging and shit every time i wanna watch something real. it aint my phone or. my service its fuckin youtube and thier bullshit some vids show while others lag fuck u youtube
Sydney foote (1 year ago)
all about if fantasy, desire has no boundaries ,black and white get divorces , so do black and black , diseases ,will curtail all fantasies
QUEEN OF SPADES (1 year ago)
Kenneth Mahnken (10 months ago)
What up with Thu girl I'm tyron e I'm 20 years old 6'3" and I got a 10 inch long 3 inch in curcumfrance and 2 inch wide bbc hmu kik mrhanomeorc email [email protected]
QUEEN OF SPADES (1 year ago)
fivefivevirgo (1 year ago)
Spades is a negative connotation it doesn't mean that the white lady likes you, she's using you sexually, although I think a lot of black dudes enjoy that, it's very sad, it lowers you to an inferior race.
The traveler (1 year ago)
so many butthurt white boys. keep the negative comments and dislikes coming. only turns white girls on more when they go black
Shavaiea Saunders (1 year ago)
don't worry Tony bro we good over here fam
Shavaiea Saunders (1 year ago)
shit I need to find thses Chick's where that at
Shavaiea Saunders (1 year ago)
all my black spade Queen
Glenn White (1 year ago)
I love watching beautiful white women get fucked by a really huge superior black dick, i am an attractive masculine white male but i have a very tiny white babydick, ands its always turned me on watching my white gfs experience their 1 st huge black dick, they are never the same and i love being humiliated for having such a tiny white dick, when soft i almost measure 21/2 inches which i call my tiny white clit, when erect im almost 4 inches so im very small and ever since i was a teenager i loved wearing womens sexy panties and sexy lingerie that i would steal from my mom and my sister, my mom had a secret black lover she would hook up with when nobody was home, one time i snuck in the house when he was over , he was in my moms room and i could hear them fucking like crazy , my mom was so loud saying how huge his black cock was and how much she loved it, it was so hot i started rubbing the outside of my pink thong panties where my tiny 2 inch white clit was, i was picturing my sexy white mom taking a really huge black dick, i was so turned on knowing my mom was a black cock slut, she always talked about how big black guys dicks were and that they were the best lovers, this used to really bother me cuz i had such a tiny 2 inch white clit and i wore womens sexy lingerie cuz i was so small, i used to be so jealous of how big black guys dicks were and it made me obsses on huge black cock, i dreamed of having hot gay sex with a sexy black stud that had a really huge black dick to fuck me with, one day my mom walked in on me while i was all dressed up in womens sexy pink lingerie and i was playing with my very tiny 2 inch white clit watching some gay porn, i was wearing pink lace thigh highs a pink lace bra high heels shoes and a very sexy pair of crotchless pink panties that i stole from my moms panty drawer, the reason i loved these crotchless pink panties so much is cuz my pathetic 2 inch white clit would poke out the front of the open crotch panties and it just looked really hot, it allowed me to show off just how tiny my white clit really was, so my mom walks in and sees me on the bed dressed up in womens pink lingerie , watching gay porn and playing with my tiny 2 inches of white clit, she also saw that i was wearing her pink crotchless panties that i obviously stole and the she saw what a pathetic little 2 inch white clit her son had , i was so humiliated i wanted to cry, my mom just kinda laughed and said i looked great and sorry she interupted my personal time, then she walked out, i couldnt believe my mom saw me dressed up in sexy pink lingerie , watching gay porn and worst of all she saw how tiny her sons 2 inch white clit was, omg, she now knew how pathetic my white clit was,
MERCEDES BENZ (1 year ago)
this guy is obsessed with white woman im hispanic male i prefer my own woman, black should to. here in chicago theirs a lot of hot red bones
Kang Wewuz N Shiet IV (1 year ago)
bbc is all white women think about. natural selection bitch
Dave lufc (1 year ago)
my wife loves dark chocolate and has had a few nibbles! good luck to her

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