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My City - Cubatao, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Akira Shiroma | Volcom Skate

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Learn more: http://vol.cm/mycityas All My City episodes: http://vol.cm/mycityseries In Episode 7 of My City we visit Akira Shiroma from Cubatao, Sao Paulo, Brasil. Akira knows what it takes to commit to the grind and live out your passion. From always being told skateboarding isn’t the right path, Akira has proved them all wrong, and has a story to tell. Dive in to learn more about the place Akira grew up and where he learned to skateboard. My City is a Volcom video series showcasing the Latin American Skate Team as they take us through their hometowns, showing us where they grew up skating and what struggles they had to overcome along the way. MUSIC: Slow Season - "King City" Courtesy of RidingEasy Records PRODUCED BY: Diego Espinoza & Gunther Estrada FILMED BY: Felipe Espindola EDITED BY: Doceseis EPISODE 1: http://vol.cm/jhanmycity Bogota, Colombia - Jhancarlos Gonzalez EPISODE 2: http://vol.cm/jesusmycity Santiago, Chile - Jesus Munoz EPISODE 3: http://vol.cm/mycitykm Heredia, Costa Rica - Kervin Miranda EPISODE 4: http://vol.cm/mycitygv ABC, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Giovanni Vianna EPISODE 5: http://vol.cm/mycityfr Montevideo, Uruguay - Federico Rossotti EPISODE 6: http://vol.cm/mycityms Merida, Yucatan, Mexico - Michael Scott EPISODE 8: http://vol.cm/mycitybraulio Santiago, Chile - Braulio Sagas EPISODE 9: http://vol.cm/mycitymilton Mar del Plata, Argentina - Milton Martinez Shop Volcom Stone Made Jeans & Chinos: http://vol.cm/jeanschinos FOLLOW THE STONE... Instagram: @volcomskate @volcomlatam @volcom Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/volcom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/volcom Twitter: https://twitter.com/volcom
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Text Comments (19)
Nicholas Colares (10 months ago)
Caralho... Guega e Lokinho. hahahahha Saudades. Mandou-lhe ein gangueiro!!!
Créuzius Mai Laife (1 year ago)
nem um pouco original heim , kk anda muito
Jasiel Calixto (1 year ago)
Caraca, que vídeo louco! Muito bom.
Maionese 22 (1 year ago)
que vídeo fenomenal
Eduardo Lasnou (1 year ago)
Seloco muito pesado!
Buttery. (1 year ago)
holy fuck
Gustavo Mag (1 year ago)
rickturbiani (1 year ago)
Ruda Perazzo (1 year ago)
Pesaaaaaaado! so as cabreira!
No comply Blunt ta Malucooo🤘
Raphael Coelho (1 year ago)
Caraaai Akira! Muito pesado!
Kilder Suda (1 year ago)
Se eeee loko pesaso
Paulo Brito (1 year ago)
Double blunt na Roosevelt
Matheus Bialoglowka (1 year ago)
O loko, SOTY
sauleskt (1 year ago)
é muito skill e ao mesmo tempo muito sereno, skateboard puro, obrigado pela inspiração!!
ThiagoSaiz (1 year ago)
overall killer
Wander Reis (1 year ago)
Muito foda, muito skate e estilo juntos, cubatown represents!
Ron Silva (1 year ago)
Akira representa desde as antigas 👊👊👊
Financeiro Ambiente (1 year ago)

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