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The Artist with Multiple Personalities

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Kim Noble is an artist with a difference – twenty of them, in fact. After suffering childhood abuse, Kim's mind split into twenty distinct personalities to cope with the trauma. Over a dozen personalities are painters, including Judy the bulimic teenager, a gay man named Ken, and a mother called Patricia. While Kim was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID) and raising her daughter Aimee, she and her various personalities began painting as a way of understanding their own complex mind. Now Aimee is at university studying law, and Kim is a world-renowned artist who exhibits her work internationally. VICE meets her on the eve of her group show at the Zebra One Gallery in London, aimed at raising awareness of mental health in art. Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Click here to get the best of VICE daily: http://bit.ly/1SquZ6v Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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Text Comments (1535)
VICE (1 year ago)
Kim says more than a dozen of her different personalities (she has over 100) are painters, including Judy the bulimic teenager, a gay man named Ken, and a mother called Patricia. WATCH NEXT: Sleep Paralysis Inspired this Artist to Photograph his Nightmares - https://vice.video/2Eh6BOL
I like how the names are so clichés 😂😂😂
Gaya Patvakanyan (3 months ago)
Wired System (4 months ago)
Our alters paint as well, it's nice to see how they have different styles and sometimes one painting is done by one than more of them. Good video, Vice and we wish them all the best.
Daniel Mcluckie (7 months ago)
Esais Rodriguez I agree SRA is evident in these... sweet ria, only three years old.
l Oceanic l (8 months ago)
OVER 100!?!?!
Lilypadd YT (1 day ago)
Did anyone think of Mike from Total Drama?
LisaDawnn (1 day ago)
Kim is indirectly involved with Hillary via the Podestas. The depravity and D.C. cesspool is deep!
trippy cesar (2 days ago)
“ ken, he’s a a a guy a gay guy”
Justin Sinclair (2 days ago)
I love her daughter and want to buy her paintings
pika chu (3 days ago)
DID don't exist. She ever has huge neurosis, fake it for "art" or is schizophrenic.
waantjeMisfITkID (3 days ago)
Aimee has become so beautiful
pika chu (3 days ago)
Illuminati is real
Higher Mind (3 days ago)
Beautiful soul <3
Joey Fenty (4 days ago)
1:20 butterflies placed just over her head, hmmm...
Liz W (4 days ago)
Thank you for this doc. Dissociation is such a misunderstood thing and affects you on so many different levels, even when you have a different kind of dissociation (i.e. not DID), which doesn't involve splitting. Kim seems like a lovely human being, I wish the absolute best for her. Art can be genuinely so empowering and therapeutic. And the thing about Ken and trains made me laugh...
yashia96 (8 days ago)
These sick people only exist in America.
Ludwig Grundberg (8 days ago)
Ria's paintings are so disturbing, almost haunting.
Nx Doyle (11 days ago)
What wonderful art.
Lady Stardust (12 days ago)
Je me demande si les gens qui lui ont fait tout ce mal tout ces abus rituel etc qui lui ont déclenchés tout ces alters sont humains franchement c'est tellement horrible que je me demande si se sont réellement des humains qui peuvent faire ça c'est trop horrible je sais pas dieu nous a créé avec une conscience de la culpabilité mais la sa va vraiment loin moi je sais que je pourrais pas faire cela ou supporter
Shifa Huda (13 days ago)
wasnt she on oprah??
Emma Drinks Bleach (15 days ago)
3:39 I used to draw things like that when I was little 💀
大イブラヒム (15 days ago)
I will definitely buy her paintings .
Fluorescent Black (16 days ago)
WOW. 20 artists and zero talent. AMAZING!
happy Pee (17 days ago)
And what is the name of your original personalities
Rose O’Bryan (18 days ago)
I understand the trauma that she's gone through because of her disorder, but can you imagine looking at the art of 20 different personalities and knowing that you did all of it?
Daniel Kim (19 days ago)
You gotta make a video about that dude with a black face mask. That dude is something
exodus K (19 days ago)
Notice how all the comments exposing this sick normalization of satanic ritual child abuse for what it is are all repressed and have only a few likes. This woman was involved in cult ritual and sexual child torture in order to envoke demonic alters in her, called "disassociative identity disorder." In fact, most if not all "mental illnesses/disorders "are a result of trauma (sexual, violent, etc...) instilled at a young age or even later in life. This same kind of trauma is practiced in child/human trafficking sex cults that operate worldwide by the rich and powerful who are above the law ans quite frankly a part of it. Most watching this video or subscribed to Vice have no idea what you're peering into here. Your entire reality is a lie and cover-up for a horror show that is being hidden just behind the curtain of the world stage you see on your TV, in your news, in your movies, etc... If you read this it's because you were meant to. Please wake up from your slumber and realize just what world you've been conditioned to accept as normal since your childhood God bless
Satanic Ritual Abuse 101. Just another satanic pedophile artist like so many others.
exodus K (19 days ago)
She's a victim too. All of these monsters were victims at some point. It's a vicious cycle. All we can do is pray for them to be released from their demons and pray for their victims.
Lifewithlove (19 days ago)
Wow! I have no words!!
dumbcreaknuller (20 days ago)
they are all dead people. one of them are an old wicca. the pictures contain rape, sexual abuse involving many people. the pics are not from a pragnacny or mother and child. its of child rape by a adult. at 3:32 is a picture of symbols of witchcraft sorcery.
Rach Frisella (21 days ago)
Some people may think this disorder isn't real. I could kind of understand why. But I think it's very real. It's strangely fascinating, even though I know it's also very difficult and shouldn't be as romanticized as it is in movies...that's just my silly opinion though. And I wonder: are the personalities all there at the very beginning of a person's life? Does something trigger their development? If so, what triggers it? This is why I want to study the mind in one way or another. It's more complicated than we could ever understand, but I still want to try.
Star Buck (22 days ago)
She is like transexuals, just have more than one and being able to go back to the original personality
tylochow (22 days ago)
You are incredible artist... Every part of you!!! I love your paintings
Hivern IOS (23 days ago)
YNW Melly ofc
Char Blinn (24 days ago)
Absolutely breathtaking, lovley, art. 💛
Alex Harris (25 days ago)
At least she doesn’t have multiple genders
Laura D'Souza (27 days ago)
these paintings are incredible
Yeah and you fools don't know her background, this woman is a high profile witch.
J A (29 days ago)
the paintings by Rita are terrifying. It's clear she suffered extremely severe sexual abuse to the point of splitting her personalities. Capital punishment is the only solution for pedophilia
GrassyMania B (26 days ago)
I agree.
Ash Mangahis (30 days ago)
aimee became absolutely gorgeous💞
Leslie Blanton (1 month ago)
This must be the result of mk ultra style mental programming. I do not believe people get this way naturally, without any interference. Many people of her generation were used in those horrible experiments. The victims are still with us, collateral damage. The truth is still not exposed but I pray it will be.
exodus K (19 days ago)
Its still happening to this day all over the world to thousands of men, woman, and children behind closed doors and being perpetrated by powerful people in politics, business, entertainment, etc... This is what is known in the Holy Bible as the "last days"
Verbs describe us (1 month ago)
just found out about her :)
innovative 1 (1 month ago)
Her daghter is sooo pretty 💕
Barbie Doll (1 month ago)
Where is bonnie
Mike Ruchington (1 month ago)
She can legitimately say “That wasn’t me. That was Patricia.”
Joy of All Trades (1 month ago)
Incomplete. Need more here
Sara S (1 month ago)
Her body and mind have been through EXTREME trauma like sex with children, extreme torture & Thats how the split happens. These paintings arent just there for no reason. It makes me cry thinking abt other ppl like her in this world. This is why children are abducted all over the world! To satisfy disgusting cravings of powerful men out there that leave victims like her. If I could do one thing in my life is to expose such ppl. 😭
exodus K (19 days ago)
Expose them like there is no tomorrow
Christine Conner (1 month ago)
I saw this on Oprah haha
Tee Riff (1 month ago)
Yeah....she is so scripted in what she says she is trying to flip a quick buck or at most exaggerated of an illness.
exodus K (19 days ago)
You are dead wrong
esther ndegwa (1 month ago)
She's very talented
As It is (1 month ago)
Omg I too have this disorder I have 734 personalities
Lin Tan (1 month ago)
Ooh, she's the one from oprah..
Jada Hignett (1 month ago)
Wow they are an amazing artist
dr nyma (1 month ago)
Try ruqyah , best wishes 🌸
Prussiluskan (1 month ago)
This is Amazing.
Drake Lim (1 month ago)
theodore matthews (1 month ago)
why does she call herself us its really disturbing
exodus K (19 days ago)
Cause she is possessed by many demons
Gigi Woods (1 month ago)
This woman couldn't carry on a conversation of any kind if she really had borderline personality disorder or multi personality disorder. This is all fake.
bloopblipable (1 month ago)
Wow Ria's(?) Art is shockingly beautiful.
Adara Relgnel (1 month ago)
So she doesnt have to motivate herself to make a painting. She just wakes up and 5 different personalities have already done them. Nice.
Lea Kaudse (1 month ago)
I am so touched of this art they do
Rozz Emz (1 month ago)
What a fabulous plethora of art!
Alexandra Marginean (1 month ago)
The average person walking on this planet who is not aware, spiritual, suffered some trauma (which is conflict without resolve) has suffered 22 different fragmentations which have developed into 22 different individuals with their own wants, needs, desires. They take over according to different triggers. For someone like Kim Noble and me who have suffered extreme trauma, we have thousands. ANYONE on this planet can mend the gap between their internal twins - polarities and integrate them with their central personality which they call by name, or the adult self. This can be done through somatic therapy, shadow work, shamanic work, parts work and voice dialogue etc. A lot of forms of therapy promoted by the mainstream medical system are abusive and solidify the gap between all these internal twins which in return solidifies one's feelings of loneliness.
exodus K (19 days ago)
The only real solution to healing the trauma that comes from this abuse is Jesus Christ. Now your alters may not like that but it is the cut and dry truth
fox argueta (1 month ago)
shes a fucking genius !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crystal Rusmisel (1 month ago)
So which alter gave birth to Aimee?
AK - 92 (1 month ago)
Her daughter is beautiful but Kim is a crazy messed up in the head painting those disgusting painting
exodus K (19 days ago)
She is a victim
daryel hernandez (2 months ago)
LiL BO WEEP (2 months ago)
her art is so beautiful i connect with a lot of her work
McKenzie Calvin (2 months ago)
She was on Oprah Oprah Winfrey show
gingerale (2 months ago)
Whoa! She is so talented, but such disturbing and heartbreaking subject matter...The Kabbalah painting is amazing but she recognizes Hebrew yet does not know Hebrew. This woman has multiple souls I think. In this body.
Rosabelle Hennings (2 months ago)
“That wasn’t me, that was Patricia”
Wait What (2 months ago)
Damn, her art is so amazing
Gabriel Sp (2 months ago)
Omg so interesting!!!!
Dj J (2 months ago)
Mother patrica split was here
Kevin DREAMER (2 months ago)
Every art depicts a story and is really unique
kristin (2 months ago)
i love her hair. 😍
That's not even personality disorder it's lost souls which took her over
w l (2 months ago)
their paintings are amazing
Jay O (2 months ago)
Those portraits by Judy at the end were beautiful, so sad maybe she when thru some sra type of stuff I would be interested in her backstory. the art work by the trauma victim could be therapeutic to other victims but I do know that it’s enjoyed by some abusers as well
Anthrax Purdy (2 months ago)
They all have a gift
Kristal Marie (2 months ago)
I remember seeing her on Oprah in 2014. Can’t believe she still has her disorder.
arie Barnes (2 months ago)
Once she gets older and goes through dementia , oh my. I feel sorry for this woman. She isn’t in control of when her personality comes out.
Amby Cakes (2 months ago)
I can’t imagine how cruel it must feel to have your baby ripped from you for 6 months.
Winter Snow (2 months ago)
Wonder what her inner world is like 🤔😄
Gunia Kot (2 months ago)
Very good paintings.
im hip (2 months ago)
Cawnee Egan (2 months ago)
This is moving. 😢 I’m happy to have watched this.
damani newman (2 months ago)
Oh so basically she a sophisticated mad person. Dope
Rui Manuel (2 months ago)
Wow... Strong paintings, ghosts and traums...
Jack ino (2 months ago)
oh I seen a vid of her in 2014 I think she must have got more personality because they showed them all but there was no 14 year old
Carlos Jimenez (2 months ago)
Ria must've suffered some deep DARK shit
Masoumeh Lashgari (2 months ago)
I’m sure you are an inspiration to many people.
Macie Jones (2 months ago)
Wow! She’s an amazing artist
Katie Charlton (2 months ago)
Update please 🙏🏼
Corey Gil (2 months ago)
These multiple personalities videos really started pollinh up after the movie split lol. Interesting disease though. Feel bad for the ones that have it rough. And most of them do
Shiva Rainchild (2 months ago)
that was simply amazing
muzzwaa (2 months ago)
I want a piece... sooo amazing
Lord Harky (2 months ago)
Americans really have mental health issues. They love abortion, Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide, pornography, etc.. All sorts of craziness are in the U.S.. I am glad that I was not born in the God forsaken place called USA!
Ritwick Karmakar (2 months ago)
Is she the inspiration behind the movie 'Split' ?
Krisynthia Gomez (3 months ago)
So couple things to say... 1. Is Kim the original personality or is Bonnie? 2. I feel so sad for Ria, and it’s so much worse because she’s clearly trying to tell Kim/Bonnie what happened to them, and 3. I’m wondering if Anon is a dominant personality because it feels like she references the other personalities in her work.
VolcanicGaming (3 months ago)
Imagine having sex with her and she says in a gay guys voice oh yeah daddy dont stop
Queen Bee (3 months ago)
@8:03 BANKSY?!?! lol... But seriously, this video is really cool!
She was on Oprah right?
Marius Pranskunas (3 months ago)
What, KABAL and child sexual exploitation in one minute.

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