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'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith (VICE on HBO: Season 4, Episode 13)

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When NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked details of massive government surveillance programs in 2013, he ignited a raging debate over digital privacy and security. That debate came to a head this year, when Apple refused an FBI court order to access the iPhone of alleged San Bernardino Terrorist Syed Farook. Meanwhile, journalists and activists are under increasing attack from foreign agents. To find out the government's real capabilities, and whether any of us can truly protect our sensitive information, VICE founder Shane Smith heads to Moscow to meet the man who started the conversation, Edward Snowden. VICE on HBO Season 1: http://bit.ly/1BAQdq5 VICE on HBO Season 2:http://bit.ly/1LBL8y6 VICE on HBO Season 3:http://bit.ly/1XaNpct Check out VICE News' continuing coverage of Edward Snowden and the surveillance debate: Snowden Claims 'Deceptive' NSA Still Has Proof He Tried to Raise Surveillance Concerns: http://bit.ly/25MqUfD Exclusive: Snowden Tried to Tell NSA About Surveillance Concerns, Documents Reveal: http://bit.ly/1TVVkog Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Check out our Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/vicemag
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Text Comments (7841)
Kalai Kealohi (17 hours ago)
Thank you at snowden
Aholf Ditler (3 days ago)
"Land of the free" Indeed
啊啊勒 (8 days ago)
Female student for sale in Japan
SAGE 1955 (8 days ago)
The web used to be a government entity. When it was given to the public we basically opened up our private lives for the world to see. Still worldwide there are about 3 billion people not connected. Give it time. 👽😎
marlene katz (10 days ago)
If it weren't for Snowden and Julian Assange, we'd still be in the dark about almost everything and our lives today would be much worse then they are, but not as bad as they will get by 2030. Has anyone else notice how the 2030 timing of the 24/7 Drone Surveillance System (DSS) coincides with the UN Agenda 2030? There will be no privacy on any level whatsoever.
Science Hacker (10 days ago)
Snowden busted american surveillance and then took refuge in russia which is at par with US for henious cybertactics
Riyo Widianto (11 days ago)
And Donald Trump is the president today :D
hakim farhat (11 days ago)
What’s that device called? Is it mz catcher?
Greg S. (11 days ago)
Watching the phone, thermally, and via radio emissions, can mosdef detect unusual / unbidden activity.
cosmic onion (12 days ago)
4:33 its rude to point!
sessahme (13 days ago)
President is nothing but a figure head. We should not fear the President because all politicians want to give people what they want. And all people want is money (hyperbole). Man kind has survived this long and I believe it will survive on until we reach galaxies far far away.
mac jr tatom (15 days ago)
Traitor. What arrogance. People need to see the world as the dangerous sinkhole it is and give up this carp.
馮佳玲 (15 days ago)
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馮佳玲 (15 days ago)
辮子先生嗎? 幫你們拍電影
Michael Lidster (15 days ago)
I don’t like the bearded man. He should hush
Michael Lidster (15 days ago)
It’s so nice of Russia to protect the hero’s of American democracy from the American Government. I’m sure they are only doing it for noble reasons and not as a way to flip America the bird
Michael Lidster (15 days ago)
Edward Snowden is such a descendant of Europeans of some kind
Michael Lidster (15 days ago)
I’m so glad I have never done anything wrong and never will. So I don’t have to worry about being govhacked. Govhacked is a word.
Sonix petethepossum (15 days ago)
I received a .rar file in my email that claimed to be an image and sent it to a cyber investigator = intelligence = 100
Sonix petethepossum (15 days ago)
(not to mention that said spyware is available as a downloadable apk)
WTF how bizarre (15 days ago)
You can always put tape over the camera lens. My doctor puts tape over his laptop camera lens. It's common sense these days. Just don't plot against the government. Don't give them a reason to be concerned about you. Hey wiretap, can dogs eat pancakes?
Jane Foxi (15 days ago)
If this is true how can this video be here in youtube? I don't say this is faulse information but the reality is more than that
David Kelly (15 days ago)
Senator Nelson. Snowden did not commit espionage on the American people, he reported it. Senator Burr our government is the traitor of our democracy, not Snowden.
john pershing (15 days ago)
Hehe. They r completing their agenda. Whether we know it or not
Corey Oldknow (15 days ago)
Why are these democrates on Brennen now completely on his side against Trump . These people are all criminals and power hungry socialist.
SuperChiefStar (15 days ago)
thumbs up 72K , thumbs down 1.2K ? Hilarious
.m. (15 days ago)
snowden seems like a smart dude
Deviant Outcast (15 days ago)
To all those who defends mass-surveillance, advocating claims "to prevent terrorist attacks", "there are laws preventing wrongful use", "it's for the protection of our freedom/people/nation", or the possibly dumbest one of all: "well, I have nothing to hide...": All of you need to take a good look at history and remember that though the technology and the names of the perceived perpetrators have changed - the psychology of the human mind has not. It's less than 30 years since the fall of the Berlin wall and the disolvement of the DDR. The perhaps best known hallmark of DDR Germany is it's massive surveillance authority. Sure, some of you might say, but DDR was a dictatorship - a Soviet communist vasall state - we live in a democracy - the government works _for_ the people, not against it!. To you I say: Doesn't that only makes what's happening today even worse? I'd say there's no question or debate: it does. So much that you're rendered speechless unless you just give in to it and sets off on a potty mouthed hail storm rant (I'm actually fighting that urge right now - just thinking about it!). What the DDR teaches us about the psychology of people being surveiled (and surveiling eachother) is not that it creates real safety, nor a feeling of being safe. The contrary! It creates a mentality where even those who have done nothing wrong, feel unsafe and starts to watch over and second guess themselves. People do not feel, nor become, more safe - they become paranoid. People do not feel, nor do the become, united against those who presents a threat or do them wrong - they become disunited, solitary, lonesome islands of fear and paranoia. Wether you have followed every rule to the letter or not - in a paranoid state, a paranoid nation, that's the _last_ thing on the mind of it's people. If you don't believe me or think that these are nothing but my own opinions - not the reality of the facts: please, look it up - the truth is out there, as they say. Now the question is: if, or rather, when, a terrorist or otherwise hostile attack occures, what would the prefered state of mind of your nations people be to successfully handle such an attack? Unity or disunity? A feeling of trust towards your government as well as your neighbour that you will all work together as one to fight of any threat and foe? Or fear and distrust, knowing that in the end, no matter what you have or have not done, you might be pointed out as a traitor. Perhaps being forced to take the fall for someone who in turn only tries to protect themselves against false accusations made by another and so on. Democracy and freedom can only be if it's buildt on trust. By mass-surveillance of it's own citizens, the government tells us that they do not have trust in us - and therefore, we should not have trust in them. Government claims such as "we're watching your every move - you are safe - you can trust us", really only tells us one thing: Do NOT trust in your government - they are NOT acting on the behalf of what's good and safe for you, its citizens - and any villain, inside or outside the border, knows this, and they WILL use it to their advantage.
OGASI (15 days ago)
like !
noggin48 (16 days ago)
They fear what Edward really is, and here is the bad news for them, all male humans deep inside, think the same as Edward. The powers that be, thought they had it made, running in their direction fully. But then because of their smug arrogance, they had just forgot one very important thing. The English! It was the English who voted Out, in the Referendum on EU Membership, the other parts of the UK voted to stay, but England said NO, we leave. This Scotched the wicked plan of the freemasons and the illuminati, the devil / lucifer system and their New World Order, is Doomed as the English say NO NO NO. It is our Horatio Lord Nelson, and Sir Winston Churchill, part of us English, that shall never give in. Mr and Mrs May, want the NWO, but WE THE ENGLISH PEOPLE say STUFF IT Madam, where it hurts most. Edward Snowden is our kind of Man, not like all of those other creepy gits at the top.
Keyzer_Soze (16 days ago)
People should worry more about their electronic footprint than their carbon footprint.
Daniel X (16 days ago)
The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said of Edward Snowden, that if any man was a follower of Christ it would be him!
TheRealDamiani (16 days ago)
It was never to catch terrorist, it was to collect our data, invade our privacy, and keep us inline. 911 was a false flag to do just that. Wake up and do your research. Do not trust the Government!
Jacob OBerry (16 days ago)
Sage0ne (16 days ago)
don't point at people it's rude!
skunkymonkey13 (16 days ago)
Nokia 8210 mother fuckers🖕
granskare (16 days ago)
snowden could have contacted the FBI but no, he ran to Russia.
Flat Swiss (16 days ago)
The Soviet Union Faked Sputnik and the US Faked the Moon Landings. Now today US, Russia, China and every other country represented in the Antarctic Treaty are defending a Fake Globe Earth. All of the nonsense that is going on in the world is to keep the masses from the knowledge of their Home. A Static Geocentric Plane. Flat Earth is not a Psyop it Destroys all Psyops. testingtheglobe.com
Anonymous Worldwide (16 days ago)
Edward Snowden is a hero to all. We did a livestream about this subject on our channel the other day. Feel free to check it out.
Anonymous engg (17 days ago)
A hero
bridge asparagus (17 days ago)
Isn't it ironic that this person advocates personal freedom and privacy however he lives in Russia which is a communist government that tries to watch and control your every move?
Hugo Marx (17 days ago)
This is why a good vpn is essential
Only Me (17 days ago)
He's only a traitor to the selfish corrupt and the guilty, humanity know him as a selfless hero who has proven himself with time served in exile! same as Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange all hero's paying a price for enlightening us with truth!, by calling him a traitor all you do is show your hand in this corruption! but it's nice to know who the guilty are, the gallows will be busy when the shit hits the fan! and it so happens I'm a carpenter so I won't be shy of work finally something positive for the economy things are looking up after all LOL.
The Robot Guy (17 days ago)
Just download Tails its more convient xDDD
Onedread806 Brown (17 days ago)
We will never do anything about it anyways and if you do your a terrorist
Onedread806 Brown (7 days ago)
Wow well said well said
Mr. Robot (17 days ago)
+Onedread806 Brown oh yes, right. The real patriots have to ascend past caring about their reputation. We have to do what's needed.
Onedread806 Brown (17 days ago)
+Mr. Robot in other words they'll demonize you for trying to do what's right obviously
Mr. Robot (17 days ago)
How does that make you a te
VINCENT MICHAEL (17 days ago)
Can they use this as a minority report type deal?
MysterGhost Gaming (18 days ago)
He's not just a hero to America but for the whole world, Thank you Edward Snowden!!
Deplorable D (18 days ago)
2016 Dems - CIA bad! CIA overreaching! CIA breaking the law! Brennan bad! 2018 Dems - CIA awesome! CIA doing its job! No such thing as deep state! Brennan is great!
Faisal Ahmed (18 days ago)
He is not only a patriot of a single country, but the whole world .
Lillyvblue XX (18 days ago)
So they can hear me, when my twin sister and me talk about these kind thing!!! Ahhh hellla no.😭😭😭 I don’t care if this dude is a trader at all, cause all I need and care is some privacy. Ah yooo...
Gil Edwards (18 days ago)
I still don't own a smart phone. I own a Flip phone that don't even have internet and as far as I see it, its staying that way
Gil Edwards (12 days ago)
+Sato Kanahide Sure but my phone don't consume my life like everyone else I see
Sato Kanahide (16 days ago)
Can still be tracked
phoenix rising (18 days ago)
umm, im going out on a limb here but i think what's happening here is that, maybe just maybe, we're setting up the right pieces to be put in place for the AI's of the future, you know to have and keep tabs on the population...just saying
Rusty Woodpecker (18 days ago)
It is the will of the people that we Vote a vote of "No Confidence" for all Major Parties👎 around the world 🌎
General Gaming WR (18 days ago)
18:10 omg this guy is in the senate lmao america is going ideocracy
Fgcjr (16 days ago)
Young Hemingway (18 days ago)
& as you can clearly see here, your guy Ben has been looking up BBC, Twitter, 4 hours a day on Grandma incest porn & we can even see where he goes throughout the day. Damn Ben, everyone in the office knows the real you now 😂😂😂😂
Lance Thompson (19 days ago)
Hey Wyden...where are the charges of treason or at least purgery? You are a political hack. You chose to protect you daddy BHO. Then look what they all did to the Trump campaign. You should resign in disgrace.
"if your phone has been hacked you would never know about it"   so if you think your phone has been hacked it hasn't been hacked, great to know that,
Tertiary Adjunct (19 days ago)
"National security" excuses are typically used to conceal government activity from its own citizens, not foreign powers... according to Noam Chomsky.. as is evident by reviewing decades of unclassified docs.
open eye's (20 days ago)
I think the people on the hill that call him a " law breaker a traitor to his country " should be investigated. They are the ones with special interests willing to with hold to the American people . He was just trying to warn the sheep of the wolves in the fence. Hello sheep's
MEDIA SHOW (20 days ago)
hahahaha Bill Nielsen has no idea what Snowden really did...hahahha
The Last Son of Crypto (20 days ago)
yea. A dude who goes to China and Russia with 4 laptops full of US intel, sources and methods of gathering data. Not to mention names and sensitive info on private citizens who were the ones supposedly being spied on. 2 years before one of those countries SUDDENLY figures out how to hack our elections... What a hero!
Ed Va (21 days ago)
Law is clear - US Gov has no duty to protect citizens, because if it did you could sue for damages.
lancpudn (21 days ago)
We NEED more people like Snowden & Assange in our messed up world today more than ever.
s Shawross (21 days ago)
CIA surveillance doesn't stop terrorist attacks because most terrorism is instigated by the CIA. Wakeup.
geno007able (21 days ago)
dam, Snowden predicted Trump, who scary is that!!!!
Shel L (21 days ago)
unreal......everybody wake the fuk up
Serjio Hernandez (21 days ago)
The device that can spy would be good to spy on the people around you who want to kill you so you can self-defend your self and kill them
Iam Shadow (21 days ago)
A while ago , before they called this shit FlexiSpy ' it was simply a Trojan back door placed in the target system. Jesus people its been done.
Joshua Ray (21 days ago)
That's not how you use an iphone lol 14:04
Sean Lutzke (21 days ago)
Julien SC (22 days ago)
The Imsi catchers are a scary thing. Are they widely used in Canada as well ??
Teapartyla (22 days ago)
You need to be providing surveillance of Dearborn and Islamberg Michigan.
Zaid Rahman (22 days ago)
Thank you brother... You are a hero
Daniel Malloy (22 days ago)
Brennan is a commie scumbag who needs to be neutered
Daniel Malloy (22 days ago)
Fienstein had a CHinese spy in her staff
Peter Jongsma (22 days ago)
Osama bin laden sure didn't use a smart phone.Or a computer.He went pre industrial.
JG (22 days ago)
I trust my government, I trust they know where I am at most times, what I'm basically doing, what I spend money and time on, interests, hobbies and even some sexual activity. This is why I love to go camping even more lately. No cell phone-completely connected!
Alejandro Hinojosa (22 days ago)
I think that it is morally accepted that you monitor a criminal or convicted criminal because his chance to reoffend Is probable, however, not the general public without due cause.
Ray Martinez (22 days ago)
We pay taxes, we have the right to know what they do with our money.
Tout Colombo (22 days ago)
Secret interpreter is the justice in America this is the true the secret is people doesn't need idea
C1 Official #0121 (23 days ago)
We're all fucked lads
Mass Vape (23 days ago)
R G (23 days ago)
Awesome video special thanks to Edward Snowden your an AMERICAN HERO👍👍 keep up the good work.
Ragnar Lothbrock (23 days ago)
Trump is fighting with them (CIA, corrupt factions of the NSA, etc...) why do you think they want him dead. Why do you think the MSM and Hollywood (Arms of the CIA) hate Trump so badly. Why do you think JFK was killed and Trump wants to disclosure the information related to his assasination. Why do you think that Facebook another tool the NSA uses to collect data and install software in your computer and phone is against Trump and constantly bannes and censures Trump supporters. Trump is the one fighting against them. Sorry my english is far from perfect.
Ragnar Lothbrock (23 days ago)
Trump is fighting with them (CIA, corrupt factions of the NSA, etc...) why do you think they want him dead. Why do you think the MSM and Hollywood (Arms of the CIA) hate Trump so badly. Why do you think JFK was killed and Trump wants to disclosure the information related to his assasination.
Ragnar Lothbrock (23 days ago)
Vice the cave of migaynials...but I liked the documentary.
Ayanda Zulu (23 days ago)
After the HBO intro, i somewhat expected Game of thrones to start... Anywhp...
christiane fiorito (23 days ago)
actually its pretty easy. Stop using cell phones!!!! Why should I pay for a device that helps to spy me out.
christiane fiorito (23 days ago)
what is illegal, is the surveillance dealings of the governments of this world.
brunojake099 (23 days ago)
How is this man considered a felon in America and O.J. walking a free man...
Jason Sher (23 days ago)
What a smart guy Snowden!!! One of my heroes.
Michael Martin (23 days ago)
I know Snowden might be interesting but, does he drink Dos Equis? Stay thirsty my friends.
Dixie Lough (23 days ago)
Snowden is my hero.
Orion Michael Guy (23 days ago)
The Backbone of the US Government's Internet of Things (IoT) is the NSA Smoke Detector Spy Net - All Smoke Detectors in the US were mandated to be replaced after 9/11, while at the same time the CIA worked with Technology Companies to mandate Government Grade Wi/Fi type "Chips" be installed in all new modern Technology, including all new "Appliances and Devices" - this includes Computers, TVs, Monitors, Cell Phones, Tablets, etc. These "Appliances and Devices" have "Chips" that connect to Smoke Detectors! The Electromagnetic Frequency (EF) they use is a Government Only EF Signal, so it does not operate on the same EF Signals available in the Private Sector, and is only allowed to be used by the Government. So, even if you are not connected to the Internet through your own personal connection, all of your modern technology seamlessly connects to the Government's Internet of Things, and everything you do on the computer can be seen and heard! AND! That's not all, because each Smoke Detector is broadcasting a Unique Microwave Frequency, while simultaneously receiving signals from other Smoke Detectors within its vicinity, these Microwave Signals can be "Turned into Cameras" - Thats right, through the use of "Triangulation," and Supercomputers, the Microwave Signals can be used to build virtual cameras and the All Seeing Eye is real! And with the Smoke Detectors sending all the information back to the NSA through Cell Phone Towers, other receivers and even Satellites, the logs can be recorded and stored and the Operators can look back as long as the logs and the "Sensor Grid" has been in place!
MrL TLB (23 days ago)
Snowden is not a Patriot or a Traitor. I suggest and I strongly recommend that people see Snowden as: The Man who opened "Pandoras Box" and now nothing but Chaos has flooded our World.. Here's 1 thing you should ask yourself: Who TODAY opposes FISA and yet never before opposed it...because that's Funny
Josh East (24 days ago)
Thanks, now I’m even more paranoid
Keri Watt (24 days ago)
Limo that killed 20 people in car crash recently ... Turns out it was hacked like remote controlled. Turns put hacking cars is easy. Cops - gov - cia - pc knowledge people can hack any car at any time. Make it crash Make it malfunction Deploy air bags Make it speed up Make it not stop Etc...
Sasis321 (24 days ago)
That Ron Wyden guy seems a little unhuman
tcnascar1 (24 days ago)
This is played up and bogus. Artistic liberties taken!! Its a movie -don’t believe most of this crap. Snowden is a coward -hiding in Russia of all places. We hated Putin yesterday- but oh -today because of Snowden -Russia ain’t so bad. They are the enemy- believe that!
Nick Johnson (24 days ago)
Ill be in Moscow next week. Ill drop by.
Bon Zai (24 days ago)
TIL the “stingray” is also called an IMSI catcher...

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