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Intense Home Butt & Legs Workout|No Equipment (Women & Men)

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SIGN UP to London's Most Effective Fitness Class here: https://www.wizfitness.co.uk For world class personal training and online Coaching visit: https://www.wizfitness.co.uk Hey Wiz Fits, Today we have an intense bum and legs workout. This home workout has been designed to really challenge your glutes and legs. If you are in need of a new home leg routine then this workout is for you. This home workout is for both men and women. Please comment below and let me know how you get on. Subscribe Here To Watch More Videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/WizFitness?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/WizFitness Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WizFitness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wizfitnessofficial Music by: @RizMajor Filmed & Edited by: @Tinderstickproductions More Fit. More Life. Get Wizzy!
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Text Comments (70)
Wiz Fitness (6 months ago)
Hey Wiz Fits, A new bum and legs workout (Part 2) has just been released. Link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJtpbwe-4-s
Bryan Echeverría (12 days ago)
After two days of jumping rope and squats my glutes are sore. Can I do this workout daily?
Shane's Games (1 month ago)
Stupid hotdog advertisement...
Wiz Fitness (1 month ago)
Did somebody mention workout video part 3? New legs, bums and tums video out now check it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaNdWfG0oZI
Ballin With Connor (1 month ago)
He starts at 1:52
Dev deal (4 days ago)
you're the real mvp
One WiseBoi (12 days ago)
🍷 well appreciated sir
Faisal Almuhawes11 (1 month ago)
How many times do I need to do it in a week? everyday? and how long it take to see results?
Frazer Norris (1 month ago)
Great workout idea. thanks!
ely almeria (1 month ago)
This tutorial is very helpful love it p.s your so hot😂😂😘
deep sawane (1 month ago)
If we start this excercise and stop later on. Will the butt and thigh fat again get increase?
Hanna Nordanvind (1 month ago)
My favourite butt/leg video, thanx!
K C (1 month ago)
Nice 🍰 (glutes)
Ucef Lucas (2 months ago)
I wanna smell ya butt
Alex Vasquez (2 months ago)
Does this help get v cuts too?
When ever I put on weight, for some wired reason, it always goes to my arse and makes me look like a pornstar. If I was gay id be gifted.
Kwameduah (3 months ago)
free advanced fitness vids on my utube make sure you have a look.
Rachel Rosen (3 months ago)
This. I can't stand all these girls under 25 doing glute activation videos. They know nothing.
Earth 616 Survivor (3 months ago)
Can the bridge also help with the midsection?
Mae Blue (3 months ago)
Thanks I'm going to try this +1 sub.
InkyCat (4 months ago)
Great video, one you can actually do at home with out dying! Love this guy, not over the top and great at guiding.
DanielsFresh (4 months ago)
Do you have a case of anterior pelvic tilt?
Iikendollz (4 months ago)
Nice round bubble butt
C L (4 months ago)
This is the kind of workout I need! Thanks! Just subscribed
Jeremy F (4 months ago)
I am not into dudes but you are very handsome. Also, great video I very much appreciate the content :)
Mira Salim (4 months ago)
wats with the intro????::!
Shane's Games (1 month ago)
Mira Salim - He was out of breath, probably just worked out.
DJ JJ VET Game GOD 420 (5 months ago)
Your awesome my brotha! Loved this workout! Got up to 4 sets
jacob windust (5 months ago)
Anyone notice the pause in the beginning 😂
Gavin Burnes (5 months ago)
This guy is gross.
Shane's Games (1 month ago)
Gavin Burnes - You just jealous, dang, lmaoooo
Gabriel Davenport (3 months ago)
Gavin Burnes your gross
net win (5 months ago)
where is your butt bro?
Shane's Games (1 month ago)
faisal rahman - below his stomach, above his thighs...kinda in between, don't worry tho, you'll learn about them in biology.
slangnocturno (5 months ago)
Dont chew gum and do videos bro😔🙈👎
Madpaddy Watson (3 months ago)
I was just going to say the same thing.
Nagato PR (5 months ago)
This was very useful, thanks man!
Maxine (5 months ago)
The glute pulses and the wall sit I almost died.
Ram Purama (1 month ago)
Maxine (3 months ago)
Rubix_Modz lol
diggythedog (3 months ago)
Walls are really hard..smh
Jumarinne Mhae (5 months ago)
Strong foundations succesful body
GreenYellowBird (5 months ago)
Amazing! ty
Matthew Pinero (6 months ago)
This was very helpful and well made. Thanks you!
Akash Dobhal (6 months ago)
I have anterior pelvic tilt. Is it safe for me to do all these exercises?
Sam Lee (5 months ago)
Akash Dobhal it's ok. You need to strengthen your hip muscles. I also have anterior pelvic tilt.
Kathleen Belle DeVizia (6 months ago)
Wheeeeee Wiz....I went 4 rounds 1st attempt...YASSSSS YASSSSS YASSSS very happy flutes here~~
NaidiF 。 (6 months ago)
Thanks man. Subs and like :D
w1ck3d64 (6 months ago)
thanks wiz, will try this!
Andy J (6 months ago)
Ok. I will get into this exercise. Thanks.
DarkSunlight13 (7 months ago)
I broke my leg a while back and I'm trying to build the muscle again and this video really helps man. Thx alot!
Wiz Fitness (7 months ago)
You are most welcome!
tyler albert (7 months ago)
whats the last workout called?
Wiz Fitness (7 months ago)
Last exercise is called a Wall Sit.
Johnmar Tiongco (7 months ago)
Will this be something more better way to lose big fat butt and fat thigh ?
Wiz Fitness (7 months ago)
This will help to tone and build muscle. You will need to combine this with one of our HIIT workouts if you wish to burn fat.
ylang ylang (7 months ago)
Simple but very intense butt workout, thanks. I'll do it everyday!
Lio Bu (4 months ago)
Better not do it everyday. If you want to see results fast, wait at least 36 hours for recovery. Recovering is very important. Doing it everyday wouldn’t show the result fast.
Wiz Fitness (7 months ago)
Keep us posted on your results!
Peterahonsi_fitness (9 months ago)
Need another abb session with u this looked intense
Kaush&Ko. (9 months ago)
Damn this looks like a burner 🔥🔥
HomeFit (9 months ago)
Adding this to my my booty growth routine 😆💪✌👍👍👍
Wiz Fitness (9 months ago)
HomeFit Great! Also Need to get you down for a video or two 💪🏾
Jai Kai TV (9 months ago)
Dope as always. Your time Is coming!
Wiz Fitness (9 months ago)
Jai Kai TV thank you!
Jay Dee (9 months ago)
Will try this with the Mrs. Thanks wiz!
Wiz Fitness (9 months ago)
Jay Dee let me know how you two get on!
Wiz Fitness (9 months ago)
Hey Wiz Fits, Try out this intense home workout and comment below with how you get on. See you next vid! Wiz
Wiz Fitness (9 months ago)
Ksa Rayyan701 you are very welcome! It’s great to have you a part of the Wiz Fit family.
Ksa Rayyan701 (9 months ago)
Wiz Fitness thank you so much .. i am a subscriber from Saudi Arabia

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