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Deadpool 2 | With Apologies to David Beckham

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The Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut now with 15 minutes of brand-new action and jokes lovingly inserted throughout. Now On Digital: http://bit.ly/Deadpool2SuperDuper Now On Blu-ray: http://bit.ly/Deadpool2SuperDuperCut After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry’s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavor – finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of World’s Best Lover. Connect with Deadpool Online: http://fox.co/DeadpoolMovieSite Like Deadpool on FACEBOOK: http://fox.co/DeadpoolFB Follow Deadpool on TWITTER: http://fox.co/DeadpoolTwitter Follow Deadpool on INSTAGRAM: http://fox.co/DeadpoolInstagram
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Text Comments (10150)
Baci Stillman (1 day ago)
I’m so sorry that way she said
Anderson Vick (1 day ago)
I love the fact that people have associated Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds with Deadpool
hahahhahahahahahaa omh ryan reynolds x
Somee Personnn (1 day ago)
Pure gold
cadlac 059 (1 day ago)
Wait a minute RIPD was not horrible
Leppy Leppy (2 days ago)
0:40 Take my breath away. The love theme from Top Gun. Love.
Devon Pettway (4 days ago)
Blade trinity was dope!
Kamlesh Karki (4 days ago)
Found olgierd von evric.
Shiny Vegetable (5 days ago)
*I'm sorry.*
Lil’ Pickle (5 days ago)
Why is this only now trending?
Karma 212th (6 days ago)
Jarrod A (6 days ago)
Deadpool apologize to only person who need it I love it xD
FandeJay (6 days ago)
...too soon? Yeah, too soon...
Mr Blader (7 days ago)
Can you make Beckham is new marvel hero
Dariush Asadi (8 days ago)
Opens up description... What the hell did I just read?
Nero the demon (8 days ago)
Wait. Do we love Ryan Reynolds, just because of DeadPool?
Arya Manjardekar (8 days ago)
Zeeshan Ahmad (9 days ago)
Love from pakistan big fan
I'm kruz (9 days ago)
This is the greatest vid on YouTube
Bluebird Frontier (10 days ago)
Lo siento 😂😂😂
CJ (11 days ago)
Ryan and David
Megha Nautiyal (11 days ago)
David Beckham is hot af
Krityam Karma (12 days ago)
This is called real permotion......👏👏👏
Asuzu Bismark (12 days ago)
Gaming is compulsory (12 days ago)
Mahmood Shuvo (12 days ago)
Divyesh kumar (12 days ago)
Beckham ❤
m saif (12 days ago)
Tell me the name of a song
Akif chaudhry (12 days ago)
Loved the creativity and comic sense in DP movies. Make more movies like this
Abdullah Ahmed (13 days ago)
Ryan embracing his inner Canadian side 😂
This is just amazing😂
Rexy Sriklang (14 days ago)
That’s great 😂
Chetan Chauhan (14 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what's the background song??
Ian Sucladen (15 days ago)
He's just one of the most likable heroes!! Gotta love him!
Ryan Morgan (15 days ago)
It's funny because he does do slot of bad movies. Buried is my favourite
computer tricks (17 days ago)
Kissing emoji 😂😂😂😂😂
Krisna Way92 (17 days ago)
Pikachu evolution???
kayne caltabiano (24 days ago)
Deadpool: *Dose the best gasp ever* bolt neck was a MASTERPIECE!!
The Best Deadpool in cinima
Very very very well
Very very very well
DeHoerVanVakG (25 days ago)
So nice. All these tattoos and talking like a girl. It is like a midget joining the high jump at the Olympics
Mike's World (1 month ago)
You just gotta love an actor who was both born to play this role AND is completely onboard, even pining, to play the part! Love ya, Reynolds! 😄
DEAD POOL (1 month ago)
I'm so sorry...sorry...
J Nardo (1 month ago)
deadpool vs hentai kamen
mohemed dido (1 month ago)
Harlemworldboy (1 month ago)
I love Deadpool!
Husnain Naeem (1 month ago)
Best commercial ever
He was really a badass footballer although his voice didn't match him.
Meme Lord (1 month ago)
is oof something you actually say or is it just a meme?
Hijam Tompok (1 month ago)
tbh i dont think david's voice is funny
Liirachu Joe Joe (1 month ago)
blood craver gamer (1 month ago)
Mouthsexed a can of helium
Læen David (1 month ago)
My idol
hasarutoe tensakey (1 month ago)
I like ripd
ItsAndrogamer ツ (1 month ago)
No entiendo una palabra, pero aquí estoy.
Mai Mayer (1 month ago)
I would love to see the romance blossom
Intoner A (1 month ago)
Subhasis Joshi (1 month ago)
Does anyone knows about that spenish song.
Mohan Sathvik Vemu (1 month ago)
his gasps though...
Nimmzz Boomzz (1 month ago)
Y did I watch dis bout 10 times!!!! I like Beckham but my dear God Ryan Ryan Ryan !!! Words can't explain love llllloooooovvvvvveeeeeeee him
Anita rao (1 month ago)
Why doesn't he have a peephole? 🤣🤣🤣
Kylie VV (1 month ago)
Why didnt he just look through the door hole to see what deadpool did next...
Candace (1 month ago)
If Deadpool has a show then I’d watch it
LyricalXilence (1 month ago)
I don't even remember DP2 being released.... Was it a hit?
Sarvesh Sundaram (1 month ago)
Dead Pool (1 month ago)
I'm doing a Ryan Reynold's horrible masterpieces, starting with boltneck. 😂😂😂
Status Updater (1 month ago)
Jαcσвѕεи (1 month ago)
Deadpool kinds reminds me of Ryan Reynolds a lil bit, their voices kinda too
Ghure Dekhi (1 month ago)
0:25 BVS reference
The BeginerTV (1 month ago)
DEADPOOL cast for ryan NOT ryan cast for DEADPOOL!
kyle keltner (2 months ago)
1:19-1:21 when you tell bronies that Mlp is a terrible show.
Sophia Preda (2 months ago)
Like cinnemon and manhood😂😂😂😂
Jorge Mondaca Fabrega (2 months ago)
what is the last film beckham mentions?
YunuyFX (2 months ago)
Lmao Ryan is wearing a Canadian jersey never even thought we would make it but we did
Kate Roy (2 months ago)
Deadpool looks like a great hugger.
Douglas Snyder (2 months ago)
…. Boltneck. *(GASPS)* Boltneck was a masterpiece!!! That's a funny moment right there. Yet, I did a little bit of research and found out that Boltneck was one of Ryan Reynold's earliest films, & he portrayed a Frankenstein-like monster in that film. Which took place at a high school.
L.O.L Surprise! (2 months ago)
Most Played game of deadpool ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playgames.heroes.battle.fighting.game
Carlos Llamas (2 months ago)
Prefiero 10 minutos de la Vida de Buda ,que 27 vidas de David Beckham.
Aarav Kumar (2 months ago)
Top gun song is one of the best song ever
Rithrius (2 months ago)
Honestly, i would let Deadpool amputate my testicles just to have him mention me in his next movie.
theoutbackbandit (2 months ago)
He was aight in blade trinity.
experiment0789 (2 months ago)
All the people who down voted must of hated Boltneck.
KFN94 (2 months ago)
I like how his suit still has the bullet hole from when he got shot on the freeway in the first movie.
Sebastian Piecyk (2 months ago)
Alex Snaidars (2 months ago)
Beware of Olgierd von Everec, he is tough
Wade (2 months ago)
John Cook (2 months ago)
Too soon yeah too soon lol
Mu'min Aziz (2 months ago)
topgun song,wow
DXHaseoXD (2 months ago)
Boltneck was a true masterpiece
Midwest Miata (2 months ago)
Blade Trinity was good 😞
chucky (2 months ago)
Deadpool is the best non superheroe ever. I cant wait for DP3
Emilio Putton 2 (2 months ago)
Cool pool
Redneck Billy (2 months ago)
This game is so addicting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Gqr1HfFFek&t=143s
Ciise Duraan (2 months ago)
Air-Grip Biker (2 months ago)
Green Lantern > Deadpools
sharavana kumar (2 months ago)
take my breath away
John (2 months ago)
what's the mexican song?
lalo mendoza (2 months ago)
Deadpool !!! Ha-ha

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