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Adult Performers Answer Questions You've Always Had

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Text Comments (4254)
L1AM (12 hours ago)
well, i recognise most the people in this vid......no shame
Esteban Rincon (1 day ago)
Why are the prettier girls so flat-chested?
justArandomname (1 day ago)
SageNymph (1 day ago)
Hell yea
jan nowak (1 day ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CG7IP1tAcPo&t=146s Pornography Really is of Satan (Illuminati Satanic Porn Exposed)
1:12 parents be like: eh whatever
watch it (1 day ago)
I cannot beleive I am watching this
Jonas Dewaele (1 day ago)
size not matters 😆
Kyra Mariah (2 days ago)
what’s amazingly funny is that i remember when Kendra got arrested for that because I live near the university 😂
I Love My Beard (2 days ago)
Mom, Dad and Daughter know I do Porn... straight up Boss Mode on that haha
Cup Doodles (2 days ago)
Finally a BuzzFeed video that I want to watch
S1QuanA (2 days ago)
What's the white dude's name? He fine.
KCollie 982 (2 days ago)
I like the Australian woman’s voice
Del piero Champione (2 days ago)
Manuel Ferrara😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 my idol
Westside Buddy (2 days ago)
Pornhub sucks....xvideos and shesfreaky.com lol that’s it.
Nate Moore (2 days ago)
3:30 Yooooooooo I've been losing my brain over this for years. WHY CANT THEY BUILD DEEPER TOILETS???
DAVID A (2 days ago)
I met Tori Black and Tory Lane in the same night at Exxotica in NJ and they are both as wonderful as they would seem (at a convention and have pics on my Instagram page Top_Secret_40 to prove it.
Cringe Boi (2 days ago)
1:45 asmr
vivek sharma (3 days ago)
Was it compulsory for them to dress up like They Are Gonna Shoot Some Porno ?
Glen Alden (3 days ago)
Tori at the end was funny
Arkane (3 days ago)
na didnt hear the question where it said: "y u doing this fam, go to uni and get a degree and do something productive."
Isaiah Ward (3 days ago)
fine i wathched it leave me alone
LulzRoyce (4 days ago)
"sexual artist" "adult performer" LMAO could you people be more in denial that you are pornstars?
Tali'ilagi Vasega (4 days ago)
“Mom, Dad and Daughter” 😂😂☠️☠️
olayinka yusuf oloko (5 days ago)
Terrible make up, horrible tan
Frosty Jack's (5 days ago)
Polska przejmuje klip !!!11!!!1!!
Frosty Jack's (5 days ago)
I thinks size don't matter #Maly_ale_wariat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Polska za granicą
CR1TiKAL (5 days ago)
Fap fap fap
zack brown (5 days ago)
Does tori black has jawbone surgery ??
Ameer SooChilll (5 days ago)
Female pornstars are downgraded women. Facts
Sarath Sunil (5 days ago)
Why are the girls just wearing a bra and guys fully clothed 😂
Jasmine Johnson (6 days ago)
Jason luv is one of my favorite male stars
Jasmine Johnson (6 days ago)
So all of them had sex with Manual 😂😂😂
Voornaam Achternaam (6 days ago)
Ewww You’re in a Buzzfeedvideo
Voornaam Achternaam (6 days ago)
How do you tame a horse in minecraft. Hahaha am I funny yet
Islam Moon (6 days ago)
4:09 aww
Font TRASH Nation (6 days ago)
This video is like an inside joke for me and my friends 😂
Troy Lewis (6 days ago)
Tori Black without makeup... what a dissapointment.
Afghan Lion (6 days ago)
The dumpster of society all in one video.
BrokeKingEpic (6 days ago)
Oh my god they’re more human than then human. So humble so much fun and so down to earth. You should get paid a lot because you’re with your butts off Pun intended
Hello, Sidney! (6 days ago)
Sebbe (1 day ago)
Hello, Sidney! No, do you?
Hello, Sidney! (1 day ago)
+Sebbe Do you? 😏
Sebbe (2 days ago)
Hello, Sidney! You like black dudes?
Hello, Sidney! (2 days ago)
+Sebbe ???
Sebbe (2 days ago)
That’s your fantasy???
Sweet N Sour (6 days ago)
Omfg Jason luv.
Madawah (7 days ago)
Good question s
Marshall Ramunang (7 days ago)
1:01 - 1:09 How me and my friends talk about guys we have sex with lol
Manos Frantzas (7 days ago)
I am in love with angela white
Kim O'Neill (7 days ago)
I met ana Foxxx at the porn convention in denver. She is super nice and so down to earth which surprised me.
Franz Kafka (7 days ago)
Porn desensitizes emotions then metamorphoses people into subhumans.
Rashed Elamin (7 days ago)
Rashed Elamin (7 days ago)
the fact that I've seen every one of these people (including Manuel) except the 1 white dude worries me 2:20 I like this dude HAHAHA 3:59 WHAT AN OG
doointhedoo (8 days ago)
The Brothers (8 days ago)
Rocco Siffredi and Manuel Ferrara is good pornostar male. 🤣
Sonny Bardosy (8 days ago)
Tori black is actually fine asf
Judith Molina (8 days ago)
Jason luv is my fav pornstar evr
Paige Norman (8 days ago)
Jason luv I love him
Lane Cod (8 days ago)
Why did the girls all wear bras??????
Nightspys (9 days ago)
They actually LIKE Manuel Ferrara? Didn't expect that.
Josh Smith (9 days ago)
BLACKED is the best!!
Hello, Sidney! (6 days ago)
You mean *BLACKED*
MrDanjg4 (9 days ago)
Kendra Sunderland 😍👌
Eirikr Hoeg (10 days ago)
Tori >>>>
Sophia Omitogun (10 days ago)
Manuel ferrera is a king!!!!
Miguel Isidro (10 days ago)
Tori Black is so pretty. She could've been a normal model
Sulaimon Maestro (10 days ago)
MOm dAD aNd DaUghtEr
Elemental (10 days ago)
I've had sex with 9 women in my life, all but 1 said I have a big bum-tickler, & that I'd give most of them multiple orgasms during sex...I was kinda surprised...hearing that over & over(I am 6ft 190lbs), so..I measured my wedding wrecker..& It came in at 7" 7/8's Inches. My Arse-Opener does kinda curve like a banana, & the women get loudest missionary, I thought my girlfriends had tight Vaginas..but it's my baby leg. I can't complain.... Im happy with my Yogurt Slinger! ☺️
Kad0 SaMa (10 days ago)
tori is sooo beatfiulll
themartianway (10 days ago)
"You cannot fake science. science, liquids" -Neil deGrasse Tyson
Lil ja'ree (10 days ago)
I actually laughed out loud😭😭
Anthony Turner (11 days ago)
Tori Black though. 😍
Hello, Sidney! (6 days ago)
More like Tori *BLACKED*
"Some days I shouldn't get paid but on some days I should be paid double."
paul pajepatt (11 days ago)
Nathan Garcia (11 days ago)
You can have a little one or you can have mine😂😂
Sidloso (11 days ago)
Jackson Weathers (11 days ago)
3:29 😂
muP8085 (12 days ago)
Gotta watch Manuel ferarra's video...😆😆
M.A.G. Visions (12 days ago)
What better people to hear it from they have seen and done it all they know what they are talking about
Joseph Johnson (12 days ago)
Yep I go to OSU I can confirm Kendra is still library girl.
Tendai Mutuwere (12 days ago)
They are all going to Hell
Humza Khan (12 days ago)
I agree with that white boy some days you don't deserve to get paid other days you do deserve to get paid double
Karina 2 Litt (12 days ago)
Angela white
Ryan Palmer (12 days ago)
I fux with Jason Luv, you gotta have confidence even when your packing otherwise ypur ego becomes your worse enemy especially if you're performing.
Davina Theriaque (13 days ago)
lol Id love to play with her furby!! woohoooooooooooooooo
Bogs Binny (13 days ago)
Tori Black looks like a character from Detroit: Become Human
Full-Metal Espinosa (13 days ago)
*Yeah too big can be a problem... I got rejected twice for being too big... But really I don’t think I’m that big, I wanna get a surgery to be bigger! I’m 8” with a good width. I wanna be at least “10!*
Sne ha (13 days ago)
white lion (13 days ago)
everytime i see pornstar i ask myself is this pornstar have IDES ?????
Lost In The Void (14 days ago)
This video is funny cause I’m gay.
white lion (13 days ago)
i wish if i can kill 4 real every gay in the world
DaveSwayer (14 days ago)
I wanted to meet the queen Shyla Stylez, I'm still sad about her lost
Alexandria Cole (14 days ago)
Didn’t recognize any of them , guess I’m not as much of a porn maniac as I thought ! Phewwww good to know lol I thought I actually had a problem
Mo Reese (14 days ago)
i find it funny how pornstars lie.. just not to rattle anyone
12. Skeletonman (14 days ago)
Those are not really the questions we had
Jerome Williams (14 days ago)
tori black kinda looks like tina fey
BigJuicy Pickle (14 days ago)
When she said action I came
Seth Emhs (14 days ago)
Wow I just finished a scene with Angela White lmao
Angela Thomas (14 days ago)
*Sees thumbnail looks like i watched him before*
Dabasaurous Rex (15 days ago)
Jesus Christ is lord
Freddy Krueger (15 days ago)
Jason Luv looks cool af
Serluir (15 days ago)
Tori black
Kazia Franklin (15 days ago)
I saw their tops and was like 'Why does that logo look familiar?' and then they said Manuel Ferrara and I was like 'OH!'
BigMiami4 (15 days ago)
My mans said you can't fake the body movements I create 💯💯
Deniz 429 (15 days ago)
Add me on pornhub: Deniz429
West (15 days ago)
rabbits lol

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