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Drake - God's Plan

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God’s Plan (Official Video) Song Available Here: https://Drake.lnk.to/ScaryHoursYD Directed by Karena Evans Executive Producers Director X & Taj Critchlow Produced by Fuliane Petikyan For Popp Rok Music video by Drake performing God’s Plan. © 2018 Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records http://vevo.ly/Z6Unb9
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Text Comments (499048)
ChrisCarGuy - (4 minutes ago)
Drake’s a G
Taneika Davis (15 minutes ago)
I wish he can come to my city in blessed me
unicorn cutie (16 minutes ago)
This is sad,I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DRAKE 😘🤗☺😀😁
unicorn cutie (16 minutes ago)
Ingrid Yamile Romero Vargas (18 minutes ago)
I am Mexican👑 not english
dead Rocky (24 minutes ago)
Jarly Gherson (25 minutes ago)
I'm not tired to watch .... Amazing video
Lame Clay (30 minutes ago)
why did they get free shit lmao i sound like a selfish person rn but for real
Abdulrahim KRS (30 minutes ago)
If you read this You are beautiful. You are the Best Don't be scared, stay strong because you are the reason!
123456 67890 (34 minutes ago)
Also you are an angle and you have done amazing things
123456 67890 (37 minutes ago)
My faith in people has been restored. Drake you are an amazing person. Look at what he has done to help people this is just amazing.
Doğukan Duran (47 minutes ago)
bu kadar iyi bir insanın cehenneme gitmesi koyuyo
Leticia p (52 minutes ago)
esse e o cara
Titi Gory (52 minutes ago)
Qui est français 🇫🇷 ?
Leticia p (53 minutes ago)
tem algum BR nessa porra ?
mega gamer play (53 minutes ago)
Rip xxxtentacion. vc vai pagar por oq fez dreke
mega gamer play (54 minutes ago)
Fdp vai pagar por oq fez
Leticia p (55 minutes ago)
quem deu deslike e um ( a ) bosta
goku superman (47 minutes ago)
Scandi (56 minutes ago)
Holy shit, God's plan was released 7 months ago. Time flies..
Leticia p (56 minutes ago)
porra , amei
Leticia p (57 minutes ago)
respeite o drake kkkkkkk ! !!!!!!!!!!
Leticia p (59 minutes ago)
q ajuda as pessoas
Leticia p (1 hour ago)
q se importa com as pessoas !!!!!
Leticia p (1 hour ago)
nunca vi um cantor tão bondoso !!!! 😉😉
Flor Felix (1 hour ago)
amo tu musica tu generosidad y ati un hombre muy lindoo dios t bemdigaa x sienpreee drake
Leticia p (1 hour ago)
ameiiiiiiiiiii cara
Flor Felix (1 hour ago)
a love youu music drake god blessim
Aleida Rodriguez (1 hour ago)
Que chida cancion😍😍😍❤❤❤❤
Jamie Brown (1 hour ago)
Love how caring you are
SÓ Android (1 hour ago)
who thinks that this song reaches 1 billion?❤
Lucca Gualberto (1 hour ago)
Boa Gabigol
Jameka Louise Jackson (1 hour ago)
Jahmall Tallman (1 hour ago)
god plan alright and he alwast here for us
JUAN FORERO (1 hour ago)
cool song
Lucas Bertran (1 hour ago)
My mom loves this song
xXtrackerXx 19 (1 hour ago)
Zeliha Argor (1 hour ago)
Drake?I Love you
Babar Chandio (2 hours ago)
Drake i love you SO MUCH!!!!!!
Babar Chandio (2 hours ago)
I have a cuz and he tris to be this guy called chief keef and my cuz lol XD
Ninja (2 hours ago)
Anthing Moyon (2 hours ago)
Love you drake I'll.realy like u so much wat I'll do ?
Alison O'brien (2 hours ago)
Hello people...I was going through a very rough divorce a couple of years back...I was heartbroken and depressed and I was almost out of my mind but I met a spiritualist that helped me through it...now I and my husband have been back together for over a year now and we've been happy like never before all thanks to this man...if you're going through any rough patch with a lover be it wife,husband..boyfriend or girlfriend or you want someone to fall in love with you or you need any type of spiritual help in any aspect contact me on [email protected] and I'd help you get in touch with the spiritualist and I can guarantee that he'll help you
Léna Nins (2 hours ago)
Les français montré vous 💖👍🔵⚪🔴
T & S 1989 (2 hours ago)
Very lovely song 💙💜💚💛❤️ the song have all love 😭❤️
Ari (2 hours ago)
All #Entertainment (2 hours ago)
God's plan one of my fvt song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#God'S plAn
EGJ 7 (2 hours ago)
Rude Boy (2 hours ago)
Wow that's big
A. Byrd (2 hours ago)
Speechless....This video give me chills and tears!
LiL car crash (2 hours ago)
Kys drake boring ass nigga
Iona Fire (2 hours ago)
your sooooooooooooooooooooo nice tooooooooooooooooooo ppl
debilka2 (2 hours ago)
822 968 895
Nike EX sporting (3 hours ago)
he took all the money back after the song # fuck drake
guy rozenfeld (3 hours ago)
guy rozenfeld (3 hours ago)
Omg you are the dest in the world
I think this world would be a much better place with more people like Drake, I seen on the news today where he visited a little girl in the hospital who needed a heart... wow Drake, you have a huge heart, and God bless you and your work... keep it up!!! 💞
MolePR Arauz (3 hours ago)
La humildad en persona te amo drake
Dawid Zachariasz (3 hours ago)
Karthick Sambasivam (3 hours ago)
drake shattered...good heart...
Nazra Jafri (3 hours ago)
I only love my bed and my mama
YUGO JE MAMA (3 hours ago)
Drake is a good man.#respectofme
CruzadOP (3 hours ago)
nadir shorts (3 hours ago)
It vas valenines day
Luis GS (3 hours ago)
Drake estaría genial que al igual que en este video apoyaras en otros países ya que también se necesita gente como tú! Un abrazo 🇲🇽🤗
Carlo Gillo Albicini (3 hours ago)
You know that this song is still listened when you see that a lot of comments are of 2-3 days ago
MYGOD JEHOVAH (4 hours ago)
You all say God, but you dont say the one God. Because there is only one. I dont care what all you lost humanistic sheepole think. One God, our maker the one they try to hide from you.
Valking (4 hours ago)
I'm not crying... YOU'RE crying
🔥You know the song still is fire when you still see comments around 24 hours ago and when its 8 month old and still top 50 on spotify🔥
Laura Amaral (4 hours ago)
Por mais pessoas assim no mundo
Laura Amaral (4 hours ago)
Todo dinheiro q ele gastou , ele ganhou em dobro rs ❤ é aquele ditado , vc colhe o que planta ❤
MYGOD JEHOVAH (4 hours ago)
Drake, who is your God? You all wear that upside down cross and that perverted cross on your face. Please explain and why do your friends all get hurt maybe you should stop acting gangster and praise the one and only God.
Xjdjdjd Zbzbxbxb (4 hours ago)
like sin motuvo
Xjdjdjd Zbzbxbxb (4 hours ago)
Sudarshana Senarathne (4 hours ago)
Bálint Sándor Plesz (4 hours ago)
ma vie en vidéo (4 hours ago)
DIEGO DIAZ (4 hours ago)
Te quiereo
Nicholas Snodgrass (4 hours ago)
Not a huge fan of drakes music but it’s catchy. But on the flip side, I respect the FUCK out of this man. Gods plan🙏🏼
Young Player (4 hours ago)
Drake goat
Pa sza (4 hours ago)
Kto Polak łapa pod komem
Drake I love you forever look for me ❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋💕💋💋💋
Catarro De Frutas (4 hours ago)
Algum BR??? Agora me fala se o cara não gasto muito se loko kkkk
Shiva Princess (4 hours ago)
Dave Koslo (4 hours ago)
My first single out now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA8K9hShofI Hope you like it!I”m working alone so I”m not so good at editing.Hope you will enjoy it! :)
Дмитрий Фёд (4 hours ago)
ни 1-го белоснежного в клипе, cool, but Where is a white people?
night boss (5 hours ago)
Drake is a heros :)
Logan (5 hours ago)
Logan (5 hours ago)
mostafa semary (5 hours ago)
عرب 0-0
Zapamiętaj Mnie (5 hours ago)
GOD OF CREATIONS (5 hours ago)
I love u drake
Antonina França (5 hours ago)
Brasileiro 🤔🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Illuminati (5 hours ago)
Listening every day
Carlos So High (5 hours ago)
First time i see the video... it made me cry!! Greetings from colombia drake; i hope u come here sometime!
Black Rock (5 hours ago)
The good in this man goes along way..
nmbithe1 (5 hours ago)
i feel like a true african after this
جوجو هزازي (5 hours ago)
I love it
Okan Konakcı (5 hours ago)
Nerede bu türkler
Talah Alomari (5 hours ago)
love u drake

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