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Here are some photos you'll definitely look at twice... ► Subscribe To See More :) - http://bit.ly/OliWhiteTV MY INSTAGRAM: @OliWhiteTV ► ORDER THE TAKEOVER NOW! - http://www.gen-next.co.uk ▶︎ (UK) ORDER GENERATION NEXT - http://amzn.to/1QkOuMw ▶︎ (USA) http://bit.ly/GenNextUSBook MY INSTAGRAM: @OliWhiteTV MY TWITTER: @OliWhiteTV MY SNAPCHAT: OliWhite1 MY FACEBOOK: fb.com/OliWhiteTV FOLLOW JAMES ON TWITTER: @JamesWhite_TV FOLLOW JAMES ON INSTAGRAM: @JamesWhite_TV
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Text Comments (884)
Victoria Clough (4 months ago)
this was made of on my birthday 🎂
hulya kahraman (4 months ago)
Lola Horton (4 months ago)
This was made exactly a year ago it’s 13th of May 2018 today and this was made 13th of May 2017.
Keira Gaming and sports (5 months ago)
Brandon Boyd (7 months ago)
You should do a dirty mind test
UNICORNZ. (7 months ago)
EpicGamer 2007 (7 months ago)
‘Flipping baby’s feet looks like the men’s... dong is hanging out!’ lol
Ariana Edwards (7 months ago)
At 4:46, I don’t think Oli understood that one... 😂😂😂😂😂 (the weird long thing is basically a dick and the guy behind it is acting like it’s his and the girl in front is obviously getting f*cked in the ass..)
gamer girl (8 months ago)
It wasn't the dogs tongue it was two sausages
Brendan Bonkers (8 months ago)
Some of the pictures were inerpropiert
Brendan Bonkers (8 months ago)
Beautiful Suggy (8 months ago)
This video is so funny😂😂
Sophie Dale (8 months ago)
Ollie always makes me happy
macey fredo (8 months ago)
the shadow got me love you oli
NMM NMM (8 months ago)
He did not look at one right she was not having a poo
David Barrett (8 months ago)
Read More (8 months ago)
6:22 he didn’t c the mistake
Tayvys McCabe (9 months ago)
7.54 i mean lol
Tayvys McCabe (9 months ago)
7.45 oil u weirdo lol 😂
Unicorn Fam (9 months ago)
On the one with all the taking pics of the girl in the bikini 👙 there was on lady
ghostofolive (9 months ago)
maybe the bikini girl is famous, and she was posing....
Lewijone12 (9 months ago)
laughing all way through it!
Bridget Kilrane (9 months ago)
The last one
Maddster Playzz (9 months ago)
Riley Cruden (9 months ago)
Why are you doing is . It weird
anagha 8175 (9 months ago)
I literally love Oli's laugh😂😂
Macy Williams (9 months ago)
Can anyone notice that oli is fake laughing
steady bloke (10 months ago)
Lola May (10 months ago)
What is up people and I am wearing a snazzy tee shirt ! Am I the only one who thinks of that every time he does an intro! 😂
MissSnowcat16 (10 months ago)
I thought the lady was strangling a girl! Until I saw that the skin looked very smooth and fake.
Lily RoseyChops (10 months ago)
Everyone subscribe to me @Lily RoseyChops
Lily Wilcox (10 months ago)
My favourite photo was your reaction I screamed
Video Fan (10 months ago)
5:50 what's it supposed to be?
Video Fan (10 months ago)
5:00 yes, you'd just think it was a penis
Video Fan (10 months ago)
and 5:09
Video Fan (10 months ago)
3:14 lol, arm becomes arse
Liza Jons (10 months ago)
kyden heavyside (10 months ago)
good vid
Oli freaking out is my aesthetic 😂
lee watkins (10 months ago)
Pause on 0:16 he's possessed
Mike The Sparky (10 months ago)
oli at 7:53 the pic is a man holding a hose pipe with his finger over the end
Itsonlysashaxox (10 months ago)
Trying to drink a mars milkshake drink whilst watching this video😂
jane shergill (10 months ago)
1:33 it was a bone
E 96 (10 months ago)
Are they wearing crocs? 😂
epic games (10 months ago)
At 2.53 her leg was on the other girls leg
Meg John (10 months ago)
This made me laugh my head of
Hyper_Strike Gaming (10 months ago)
The photo that was so weird was at 7:25
Samson Bayru (10 months ago)
They are so weird
crazy mo (10 months ago)
Chloe Sings (11 months ago)
This video has made my day
Lisa Egelton (11 months ago)
The baby's feet
purple turtle (11 months ago)
oli dog have a cleaner tounge than we do
Madz_ BumbleyBoo (10 months ago)
Yes dogs saliva is antiseptic
Eva Gion (11 months ago)
At 4:42 he thinks something else than what I am thinking
Megan H (11 months ago)
That's a baby's hand
Lacey Beswick (11 months ago)
I bit rude oli
Ellie Walton (11 months ago)
ARE THEY WEARING CROCS!! LOL love you oli 💖💖💖
Rachel McGhie (11 months ago)
the giraffe
john odonnell (11 months ago)
Ramla Suleiman (11 months ago)
That photos so fun
FakeElijah - (11 months ago)
DiamondG_45_Kelly 2458 (11 months ago)
Never trust shadows people
Brandon Spencer (11 months ago)
YouTubegirl1341 365 (11 months ago)
Lorna Slater (1 year ago)
Weird 😦
Donna Symons (1 year ago)
#brothers do siens
Chloe Worthy•com (1 year ago)
Liking the cat eh ? 😂😂😂
Cool kid Gaming4567 (1 year ago)
Me in bed cold night
It'sMeJosh (1 year ago)
Let's keep this pg
harry garland (1 year ago)
Dogs have one of the cleanest tongues
Fia M (1 year ago)
4:53 looks like the place they filmed that one direction music video 😂
Sophie Tilley (1 year ago)
I died when he said- cat u can't eat a mettle pole that's not part of your diet😂😂😂😂😂
Rose Hulett (1 year ago)
I need to stop watching Olli at night when I should be asleep because I can't not laugh
Amber Price (1 year ago)
That was so weird 🙈🙈🙈
ASMR Vids (1 year ago)
Oli!! I just got ur new book!!!! Yasss
Maleeka S (1 year ago)
Once you see it you can't in see it 😂😂
4:42 Oli doesn't get it haha
Namrata Tripathi (1 year ago)
i just can't dislike ur videos oli....u r so sweet. love from India
Filza Ali (1 year ago)
03:26 Your laugh sounded EXACTLY like Joe's!!!
suheyb adan (1 year ago)
His songs r cool
The people who made these are dirty minded
Karlee Hansen (1 year ago)
jake hayter (1 year ago)
That looks just grose
Christian V (1 year ago)
Oli will die a virgin 😂
Ebear Brazil (1 year ago)
At 12:13 she has a rick on her leg lol
Lewis McHugh (1 year ago)
Oil white at 2:17 the legs are the ladies on the opposite side of the counter it's just a mirror there lol 😂 XD
Maria Hayag (1 year ago)
4:12 it is dogs oli WHO WOULD EAT BABY DOGS that is just cruel
Triona Fahey (1 year ago)
Archie j baker I know
Hayley Symonds (1 year ago)
KMae 0805 (1 year ago)
I found this hilarious
Iron Girl Smith (1 year ago)
It wasnt the dogs tongue it was sausages
Jack Jones (1 year ago)
First one to like gets a sub plus a shoutout
Jack Jones (1 year ago)
Don't forget to give this a big thumbs down
Jack Jones (1 year ago)
Roast me
That was a weird video dont you agrea
Bigfudgeball Police (1 year ago)
Zaara Zuki (1 year ago)
At 00:01 oil looks like a strait GANGSTA
Marion Reid (1 year ago)
the last one I went whtvthe hell hahahah I subscribed
SA Slimes (1 year ago)
Kieran Fay (1 year ago)
UCme83 (1 year ago)
lol i have a pic of me and theres a box that said "give away" with an arrow pointed to me.... when we looked back at it we could not stop laughing
The Trailer queen (1 year ago)
At 1:41 I thought It was a pair of balls on her face 😂😂😂😂😂

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