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Smuggling Weed in the Florida Everglades

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In the 1980s, Everglades City, Florida, was raided three times by federal law enforcement. This small fishing town of about 500 people was hiding a complex, highly organized drug smuggling network responsible for running millions of pounds of marijuana from Colombia to Miami. VICE met up with former pot hauler Tim McBride to travel the backwaters and learn more about how it all went down. WATCH NEXT: The Martha Stewart of Marijuana - http://bit.ly/2gnukDd Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Check out our Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/vicemag Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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VICE (1 year ago)
This small fishing town was hiding a highly organized drug smuggling network, responsible for running millions of pounds of marijuana from Colombia to Miami. WATCH NEXT: Meet The Martha Stewart of Marijuana - http://bit.ly/2gnukDd
Cuz were sooo free in the USA we can't decide wtf we ingest of our own free will what we want to ingest FFS ridiculous! N then it's a passion issue for me cuz it directly affects me I'm legal card owner now but like the price just jumped up to over 8x wtf a gram cost at least DOUBLE for LEGAL weed up to 8x more than the cost of 1gram on the steeet ffs u could get a quarter lb for the price of less than an 8th of the other legal stuff lol. THAT'S FUCKED up! We NEED fix THAT ffs it's NOT ONLY for the rich and typically the sick are the opposite of rich fucksake common damn sense plz this is NOT like a fuckin luxury item it's like something we NEED to live our best life cuz we're in a lot of pain n can't eat can't SLEEP etc! But weed fixes ALL that. I'm not trying to say it's a cure all n make false claims but ffs if it don't work way BETTER than any pill for SLEEP! The pills work for like a week to May be 1mo weed always works. Especially flower which were still NOT allowed to have which is BEYOND stupid it's like a bad joke lol
Mx Harescrambler (3 months ago)
+supreme god leader great Pepe the Frog I know our stuff in Maine is absolutely competitive.
Francisco Pizarro (4 months ago)
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nick (7 months ago)
VICE awesome to bas they got caught its illegal when they do it but cia been doing it n thats ok for the cia right they can run cojw heroin to fund americqs black opps but cqnt help americans out
Showilliams Kid (8 months ago)
VICE I know some of them I use to get some of that pot in my city of Clearwater Beach FL USA
R7 Kelley (5 days ago)
I know two different shoes is the style now but this guy probably doesn't even know that he has two different shoes on
Gabriel Scholtes (9 days ago)
What an amazing story😍
Max Ehrmann (10 days ago)
Saltwater Cowboy book is a good read. If you can read.
Connor Goodwin (10 days ago)
These men are American hero’s
Ryan Chase (13 days ago)
Check out "Square Grouper" Documentary
Tragic (15 days ago)
Y’all know damn well if they were black they would’ve been put away FOREVER
Lean Man (15 days ago)
4 years for 15 mill+ Worth it
Braden Bagby (15 days ago)
I live in Florida
BossBros105 (18 days ago)
Only in Florida
kylerudy10 (24 days ago)
I need to meet this man before the end of my life
Safi Rouhi (1 month ago)
This dude looks like a hippy Viking
Qwe (1 month ago)
Not that easy nowadays
FarAboveTheGround (1 month ago)
I highly recommend Tims book its a great read!!
Iprodeltaelite (1 month ago)
This guy is the coolest smuggler
AD FO (1 month ago)
Now these are some ogs
Jimmy Anderson (2 months ago)
I would bet Tim could tell some stories dude is a legend. I'd love to hang out with him and smoke some of his product with him bet it would be a blast.
Denny (2 months ago)
Those who stay humble remain humble ;) Once in a life time deal lol says the men who got caught not the onesssss who are still doing it lmfao
mentaltfladdrig (2 months ago)
Check out Square Groper in Netflix for more info about these guys in the Everglades
SuperRichboy101 (2 months ago)
Gyro scope (2 months ago)
God bless you boys
Superior Deja (3 months ago)
So these are the unexplained mansion owners 😳
Julian Garcia (3 months ago)
Dam he just made me want a beer.....lol
jeff lawrence (3 months ago)
Y’all should do a documentary on weed coming from humboldt county California and how it gets moved around into places like Seattle and unloaded and then sold on the streets! And the life of a pot dealer! Of course now pot in Seattle is legal so the life of a outlaw pot dealer is pretty much gone but people’s memories live on! I’ve got plenty of memories growing up in Seattle
George Soros (3 months ago)
White privilege at its finest!
David Renwick (3 months ago)
I lived and worked in Miami in 1982-3 and one day while I was working for $6/hour as a labourer on a downtown Miami building site the crazy alcoholic foreman asked me if I wanted to buy some weed. I said Ok and when he asked me how much I wanted I suggested an Oz but also asked how much he had to sell. "Could you manage 250 lbs?" he asked. That was a fun place to be in.
Lars Bohr (4 months ago)
Earl Sweat (4 months ago)
They should get help from the Basques who smuggle over the France border from Basque-French country into Basque-Spanish since World War 2. Also have ties to Columbian cartels
Sideways Horizontal (4 months ago)
+VICE....I grew up in Carol City.."MIAMI" W/O a father!!... Im white and 61 yo!!... do the math!!...I lived and partook in this story!!... I was neck deep in it too!!.... 1st smuggling I did was when I was 14 yo....every summer I worked the shrimp fleets in Ft Myers when school was out for the summer, thats where I was first recruited, we ran pot and coke into the mangrove tributaries into the glades or other places from the gulf side W/O problems for years, until the FEDS got serious...Made alot of $$...but not as much as I should have!!...I was just a kid then....One time we were in the glades waiting on a twin screw to push a load out, on the signal fire we built for them, and the stupid fucks dropped the shit right on top of us, and killed a guy that was with us, it broke his neck, but we composed our-selfs, loaded the shit onto the air-boats and got-er done!!.. it was like the wild west at that time in history down there, and only lasted a brief 12/13 years, but what a time it was to grow up in and experience it, that makes adrenalin weep out your pores!!....I later joined the Corp, and ironically was attached to units down in SA that were part of Reagan's "War on Drugs" = What a joke!!...anyway after jacking a load of coke from a cartel in the bush down in Columbia and while loading it into unmarked Helos, I recognized the narcos mark on the bundles, and realized I had smuggled the same product into Miami years earlier during my dirty years as a young man!!....But I wouldn't trade anything for a once in a lifetime experience, that made a man outta me and stiffened my spine, and broke my cherry as a young man forever from being scared of anything, not to mention, the fellas I worked with were first rate guys, like family!!....My GrandKids ask me now what it was like growing up down there, and all I say with a big grin is: " It was exciting and interesting"....My daughter knows everything, and between that, serving my country in the Corp, being a father, and living to the ripe age I am, I wouldn't trade anything for the experiences and a life lived without safety nets at all!!.....Ironically I now live in the OKEFENOKEE swamp in Southern GA...S Fla's a shit hole now, that I left for good after I joined the Corp!!...But I sure do miss the early times I had and the Keys, sail fishing, and a life that had no limits during my first 18 years as a young man = "SIGH"!!....I knew dudes just like this, but there all dead now, or just gone like me!!...BTW Bro excellent video, It brought alot of memories back, that Ive almost forgotten, until today!!....BTW...my main crew was outta Captiva Island and we lived and smuggled outta the Mucky Duck restaurant, those mangroves saved our asses many times!!....Well Done Mate!!
Andy Botwin (4 months ago)
Chris Dutton (4 months ago)
Sadly DuPont is still around but William Randolph Hurst is Long Dead 👍👍👍👍 ✌️❤️😁
person4211 (2 months ago)
kids are still alive and they have his name...
Behzey (4 months ago)
These guys rich. Good for you guys. Cheers
swaygfx (4 months ago)
why y'all showing vice this shit man... lol
Drika Galdez Da Silva (4 months ago)
My hero
Ralo (4 months ago)
Another win for the white man
Damiani (4 months ago)
This dude is dope...so happy they reduced his sentence
Ian Huang (4 months ago)
if they were black, they would still be in jail
Rina Queen (4 months ago)
Broward fl stand up !
Kevin Bowers (4 months ago)
He is the love child of Sonny Crockett and Hulk Hogan
Lonnie Andrews (4 months ago)
where the next episode.
hollow tavo (4 months ago)
Chill guy
JEFFGbaby (4 months ago)
I'd smoke a blunt with him tbh
Kemal Mustafa (4 months ago)
He's out because he must have paid millions from the DEA,all the way to the judge
Aye Dani (4 months ago)
At 27 years old calling themselves “kids” 😂 #Privilege
DrakotheHusky (4 months ago)
i want this guy to be my uncle
King Fourteen (4 months ago)
More than pot was coming through them waters!
quest 77051 (4 months ago)
Nocturne (4 months ago)
He reminds me of my dad.
Chris Mccullough (4 months ago)
Badass story
Francisco Pizarro (4 months ago)
🔌🍃🎒🛫🚚 Serious Inquires ONLY: Shipping Included Half(14 grams)$70 Ounce(28grams)$115 QP/4 Ounces(112 grams)$430 Pound(16 ounces)$1400 2 P’s $2500 Medical Grade Strains in stock: Purple punch, Gelato, Slimer OG, and Grandaddy Purp. For more info on strains, prices, shipping info, live pics/videos of what the bud is looking like, etc., Wickr Me: RemainIncognito
Richard B (4 months ago)
now i get why john malkovich always had this strange grin
Carmen Santana (4 months ago)
Daminique sauvé (4 months ago)
dude funny lol
Dre Nice (4 months ago)
got a life sentence reduced to 4yrs. my black ass would still be locked up
Willis Gray (4 months ago)
Things like this makes me feel like he’s an informant
cristian mendoza (5 months ago)
Holy shit 10$ a pound
Frank Martin (5 months ago)
Josiah Rivera (5 months ago)
What ur dad do? Oh he was a road worker hbu u Susie? yea my dad was a pot smuggler lmao imagine that at parent career day
carmen greenwood (5 months ago)
I think I saw a tv. show about you.
Girl from the D (5 months ago)
8:53 is that Post Malone??? LOL They could be TWINS in that picture!!!! Great story.... These guys are good storytellers, glad to see they can laugh about it!!!!
danielo (5 months ago)
9:17 absolute facts....I wish I grew up in the 70s and 80s
JafarI FarI (5 months ago)
"They weren't willing to put white kids away for the rest of there lives"
J H (5 months ago)
still so confused like look millions of people at this highly illegal secret drug trade heres everything about them and where they live XD are these guys really that retarted
Its Zombies (5 months ago)
Can I get a $10 or $450 pound pls.
BayouGTR (5 months ago)
My kind of guys. DEA agent is a PUNK!
Kaydn Burns (5 months ago)
lol $450 a lb? I think your math is a bit off there dude and you got scammed. More like $1500-$2000 a lb
David Mann (5 months ago)
What a blessing from South America and GOD . DIRT CHEAP WEED!
Thomas Schäfer (5 months ago)
If you people only knew he ha ha haaaaa
Romeo Abregana (5 months ago)
Wow that is some major white privelage
Ricardo Garcia (5 months ago)
What’s hulk hogan doing in this video
know it all know it all (5 months ago)
Livers there that do left potcops
The big money's obviously in "Prisons".
David Gochenour (5 months ago)
Got to love Florida
Jihad Artis (5 months ago)
808123 sd (5 months ago)
Mike Forsyth (5 months ago)
I wouldn’t regret serving 4 years in prison for multi-millions in cash profit either lol
Nomad (5 months ago)
If they were black they would be killed on spot
Leonard Hosard (5 months ago)
You knew the risk!! It was the Ronald Reagan era and the war on drugs!! You play the game and sometimes you pay the price!!
Guppie Fish (5 months ago)
These guys rule.
PROD. MCMXCIX (5 months ago)
Amen brother
Flogrown Ethan (5 months ago)
man i wish i was a saltwater cowboy
Andrew Joseph (6 months ago)
No such town called the “Everglades”. The Everglades is a preserved swamp land in the south central portion of the state.
Coastal Reefer (6 months ago)
that John Deacy from US Customs looks like he's had plastic surgery to emulate Gary Busey after a hard night
Electra lux (6 months ago)
My dad used to be involved in this! they used to hide weed in the stone crab traps lol
Lord Vader (5 months ago)
Kellie Eldridge tell your dad he’s cool as fuck
KFC Gravy (6 months ago)
shit sign me up
Ryan Matthews (6 months ago)
Could have you watched a longer documentary on this for sure that dude was awesome
MasterWitchDoctor (6 months ago)
I grew up in everglades and know Tim and Tommy. The boat I worked on A Piece O' Work was the sister ship to the Hard Times which is the boat in the photo owned by Billy Potter. Tim was a crew man nothing more, his "stories" are just that and nothing more. Tommy was in prison with my Captain so I know 1st hand this guy "Gay Tim" as we used to call him is full of shit. A million and a half a night Tim? more like 10k - 20k a night you where a deck hand not a boss. And just so you know I know what I'm talking about how about that purple 1980 corvette you had and Tommys neck getting cut? Youre full of shit brother!!!
Manuel Mahdi (6 months ago)
I'm tripping on how the majority of the people on this post weren't even born in the 80s ,let alone smoke weed back then you don't know shit about potency tropical weed is always fire. Here's some history for you Panama Red you who would run into that often on the streets regular prices top grade smoke. So instead of posting comments sit back shut your mouth and learn some rookies.
Tuguldur Bayasgalan (6 months ago)
He is a very well spoken and intelligent man.
Guy Baldridge (6 months ago)
No more smuggling it’s legal
Lord Vader (5 months ago)
Guy Baldridge not in fla it ain’t :(
Guy Baldridge (6 months ago)
P.O. Betty get in laid
Tommy Northwood (6 months ago)
I'm glad we grow our own now. I wouldn't pay ten bucks for that trash. Easier to smuggle it through your hallways than waterways;)
Ruben Carvalho (6 months ago)
Azzain96 (6 months ago)
And yet many people were given extremely harsh sentences for pot. Moral of the story, legalize weed.
I'M PICKLE RICK ! (7 months ago)
This dude is the real MVP
Bern jr Edward (7 months ago)
Daddy Tankee (7 months ago)
My homeland ❤❤❤
Kevin Do bs (7 months ago)
Government is so corrupt! Cannabis should have NEVER BEEN ILLEGAL!
impactedshooter (4 months ago)
John Cesaro the only reason that they banned it was because the mexicans were the ones that used it recreationally at first and the white man didnt like that so they said dont be like the filthy mexicans this is banned
John Cesaro (6 months ago)
Kevin Do bs they banned it in the 30s Knowing damn well it does not work well with mind control that's a big reason
Jon Doe (7 months ago)
Everglades city is a really cool little town. Been there a few times

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