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Isla de Algas - Psychic Migrations Cutting Room Floor | Volcom

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To celebrate the release of the Psychic Migrations Book (Buy here: http://vol.cm/pmbook) Director Ryan Thomas dug into a Psychic trip that didn’t make it into the original film. In this cutting room floor short, ISLA DE ALGAS, Ryan Burch and Andrew Doheny motor out to sea and then row ashore a desert island that feels like a step back in time as they walk across it for a single day’s session on the rippable walls of a cold right hander. Cameras: Tom Carey (Red-Cam) & RT (Super-16mm). Music: “Planetarium Rock” by Al Lover http://geni.us/1HOv The 120 page book (by PATRICK CARRIE & RT) includes a foreword by Richard Kenvin, 94 pages of photos and frame grabs, a “Making Psychic” chapter, and a DVD and HD Digital Download of Psychic Migrations… What many have hailed as the best surf film of 2015 which also contains what some have claimed as one of the best surf segments of all time. A limited supply is available now! SURFERS: Ryan Burch Andrew Doheny VIDEO CREDITS: Directed by Ryan Thomas Red-Cam by Tom Carey Super-16mm by Ryan Thomas MUSIC: Song: “Planetarium Rock” Artist: Al Lover iTunes: http://geni.us/1HOv
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Text Comments (38)
J. Montrice (5 months ago)
“I got beer on this tab right here”
oakstbomber (7 months ago)
4:16 whale spout!
Donavan Heidinger (11 months ago)
stoked on this one!
Ashley Zequeida (1 year ago)
where's the other video riding the the rainbow fish???
ZoomeR (1 year ago)
What's the dude on the pink fish's name?? Sickkkkk style
Matt Levy (11 months ago)
ryan burch he has way better clips front side check them out
Phaidrus (1 year ago)
smooth fish riding
Ashley Zequeida (1 year ago)
Where's the video of the rainbow fish? Was epic.
Lord Drillington (1 year ago)
Anybody see the whale spray at 4:20?? Dope session 🤙
Ashley Zequeida (1 year ago)
where's the other video?
Brad Johnson (1 year ago)
4:17 whale in the background
Andrew H (1 year ago)
Both of these guys are better than half the guys on tour.
Caleb Kohler (1 year ago)
yeah thats the spot
Nicholas Brandimarte (1 year ago)
Omg that was sweet
Oliver Lobdell (1 year ago)
so menthol
Chris Fan (1 year ago)
how did this not make it into the film? It's probably my favorite segment in psychic migrations
National Pornographic (1 year ago)
Pink board man is sickkkkkkkkk!!!
Jack Gittings (1 year ago)
probably the best surf vid ive watched in terms of cinematoraphy
Ethan Emery (1 year ago)
guy on the fish has a rad style
Michael DiDonato (2 years ago)
fish riding is on point
Ziken Vamire (2 years ago)
whale sighting 4:17
David Calvo (2 years ago)
2:42 , awesome wave
Richard Flynn (2 years ago)
Two guys, nobody else and two very different boards.  Why did they not switch boards?  In a session like that, almost always one person is gonna say to the other 'hey, lemme try that thing'... I think the film makers missed the essence of that kind of trip.
Jay C (2 years ago)
Good idea:!
Helin Wang (2 years ago)
so sick, don't even want to miss a single shot.
Eric Sherman (2 years ago)
check out the band .Common rage. black diamond
Jay C (2 years ago)
wish it wasn't slow motion.:)
heather dawn pipke (2 years ago)
conor hharlan (2 years ago)
directed by wes anderson
Brad Johnson (2 years ago)
4:20 theres a whale in the backround
The Smooth Shop (2 years ago)
the surf was too good..
Jack Long (2 years ago)
Ryan Burch's style is retardly beautiful.
Chris Fan (1 year ago)
Ryan Burch shapes those retro twin keel fin boards himself. He takes customs order... on my future board list. He makes them seem amazing
B C (2 years ago)
+Jack Long Is that the guy on that twin fin thing ? Loving the smooth bottom turns that guy is doing . What do they call those fish twin things . I thinks I may need one !

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