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People ask me all the time, "HOW DO I COME OUT!?" so to make it easy for everyone, I made this video! Just send your loved ones this and the song will do the work for you! Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE! Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/allyhills Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/allyhills Tumblr : http://www.allyhills.tumblr.com Vine : http://www.vine.co/allyhills Snapchat : allyhills My Music : http://www.peacekeepermusic.bandcamp.com http://www.itunes.com/theprovince Send Love! Ally Hills P.O. Box 13485 Torrance, CA 90503 - 3485
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Azure Stain (2 hours ago)
Damn. My parents don't speak/understand english. Xd I don't know how to tell them. They are very homophobic, transphobic and even racist. So i guess i won't come out untill i can without their support. ヽ( ´¬`)ノ
Splendorman‘s proxie (3 hours ago)
I have a new favourite song.
Splendorman‘s proxie (3 hours ago)
Is it bad u started crying listening to this song?
Hensetsu Wei (3 hours ago)
_Gay person who robbed a bank and stole a car_ : ................well fuck
Carlos Perfecto (9 hours ago)
I’m not gay but I love this song
Just Someone (9 hours ago)
I'm in narnia
Kota Harris (9 hours ago)
How do you no that you like girls
Carly Rechenberg (10 hours ago)
I really love this song because I’m a lesbian and my mom and da hate me, so this is cheering me up! Thank you!
Lauren Vince (11 hours ago)
I KNEW IVE HEARD THIS BEFORE. so I’m bisexual and I looked up coming out because that shit warms my heart. Anyway.. I came across this video and I knew I’ve heard it before!! Turns out I listened to it like 2 years ago (I was questioning myself) and now I’m bi!!
riv (11 hours ago)
i’m VERY straight so... who thinks i should send this to my very conservative dad??
Damian Skaggs (13 hours ago)
*Sending this to my mom and dad*
ElementalFox Gaming (13 hours ago)
I wish it was this easy. It should be. I told my friend once (a guy who asked me out at first then we became good friends) and he want unsupportive he just basically gave me a speech saying it’s just a phase. Idk if he just doesn’t like the girl I’m into or what but it really ruined my confidence. I wish it was as easy as sending people a song
Fiolala 11 (13 hours ago)
Thanks to this song I discovered how to come out: I will sent this to ma mama She will come upstairs and enter my room and she we'll see a lot of rainbows and the bisexual flag
Kinz (13 hours ago)
200 likes and I will come out to my parents.
The_apocalypse_is_coming (13 hours ago)
I did it
Lily Chancey (13 hours ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue *I M G A Y*
TheLunaLovegood #Best (15 hours ago)
I came out to one of my best friends, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. She continues to teach me like always. 😊❤️🏳️‍🌈
Hi I animate C: (17 hours ago)
Im pansexual. Will this still work?
VBF 2004 (18 hours ago)
Talking about gay: I think I just felt in love with this girl
Trevor Harbolt (20 hours ago)
Your good at singing and this was in my recommended im straight and your cool to me I have 2 gay friends who are actually dating. Great video😎😎👍👍
Lillian Dybing (22 hours ago)
10 likes and I'll come out
Tabatha Cart (1 day ago)
I sent this to my dad
layla dingley (1 day ago)
10 likes and I will tell my parents I'm lesbian ⚢
Shadow Senpai (1 day ago)
I’m gay
wayward unicorn (1 day ago)
Every time I here this song i start dancing around my room and I'm not a good dancer but oh well i guess that just the life of a bisexual
FireballLG 123 (1 day ago)
Tatmaru 7u7 (1 day ago)
What about if I trans?
wayward unicorn (1 day ago)
Then still enbrace who you are and live life to the fullest
Tom Lenny (1 day ago)
500 likes and ill watch this with my parents replacing all gay with bi.
wayward unicorn (1 day ago)
I need to change gay to bi as well
Jade VlogsStuff (1 day ago)
Can you make a Bisexual one? like so she can see this plz
Charlie Smith (1 day ago)
@ wayward unicorn Don't have a wonderful day. Have a wonderful life. Because somebody like you deserves one. 😊
Charlie Smith (1 day ago)
Thank you so much! You are the best, and it makes me so happy to know that I made somebody happy. This world is so blessed to have a wonderful human being like you. I see a very bright future for you. Also I know that this is un related, but what is your zodiac sign, mine is a Virgo
GachaGals (1 day ago)
600 likes and I’ll come out to be christian parents (prop not gonna happen but I’ll see)
Spirit Wolf (1 day ago)
Omg I LOVE this!! XD
Charlie Smith (1 day ago)
I just wanted to say to all the LGBTQ people that I accept you. Embrace yourself, and if some horrible person wants to tell you that you shouldn't be LGBTQ, then DON'T listen to them. You are beautiful. It is ok if you are gay, God will still love you. And to the straight people, love yourself too. Whether you are straight or gay, you are a human being, and you are beautiful.
wayward unicorn (1 day ago)
+Charlie Smith you are amazing, your only 10 years old and yet you made a 13 year old girl smile. Honestly i wish there was More people like you in this world. You seem so nice and kind and that is something that I don't see that much in people these days. You gave your time to write a comment that you didn't need to write but it's people like you that take your time to do something for someone else. Your gonna be someone great when you grow up, this world is full of hare and sadness, but it's you who makes everything bit happier, (if) you believe in god, may he bless your incredible soul. Have a great day 😊
Charlie Smith (1 day ago)
@ wayward unicorn that is so kind. Thank you so much, and (IF) you believe in God, may he bless your wonderful soul, and I may be 10 years old, but I hope you live a happy and wonderful life.
wayward unicorn (1 day ago)
+Charlie Smith you
Charlie Smith (1 day ago)
Me, or the video?
wayward unicorn (1 day ago)
This made my day
Jack Chappell (1 day ago)
I came out with minecraft I built a giant rainbow castle with gay on the entrance bit and sent it to my friends
Debra Johnson (1 day ago)
Love this!!!!
AM Gregory (1 day ago)
The hat is cute 💕✌
Omena (1 day ago)
Honestly this made me so happy I don't even know why 😂😂
Alea Katharina Koll (1 day ago)
100 likes and I'll come out to my family lol I need friends
belgian_lovatic (1 day ago)
One day I’ll take over the TV when my mom’s watching it and let this video play, that’s a promise
Janna Wright (1 day ago)
Love this song not gay but I'm pansexual
Kimberly Hollister (2 days ago)
LOL your so awesome and funny Ally Hills!!! You are right girl!
Lucinda Orford (2 days ago)
I'm going to use this. Hopefully it might make it easier to say. Thank you💖⚢⚣
adriana CNCO/KPOP (2 days ago)
Replace gay for pan or bi and I would send this to my parents even tho my parents don’t know what Pan is
adriana CNCO/KPOP (2 days ago)
I wish I could come out cuz I’m Pan or bi (still figuring it out but i know I’m not straight). My parents love me and all but they nearly freaked out when my older sister said that she experimented in high school. So idk🤷🏽‍♀️ my sister and close friends already know I’m not straight and are very supportive. But I just don’t know how my parents would react🤷🏽‍♀️😭😭😭
melanie's 3 wishes (2 days ago)
lol I would be the one singing this down the school hallways!
After listening to this everyday for a year I’m doing it IM COMING OUT
spacefrog 712 (2 days ago)
this is actually a good song
Kali Johnston (2 days ago)
I vividly remember being in 6th grade and trying to work up the courage to send this to my friend. I never did, but it takes me back 😂
Amber THW (2 days ago)
When YouTube recommends you this video.
Alexi Corrales (2 days ago)
I want to use this but I'm not full on gay wah
Lalam Ventresca (2 days ago)
If this gets 100 likes I’ll send this to my family and grandparents
Luna_Blood Moon (2 days ago)
500 likes I will come out to my school and blast this song so they know Because I am scared to say it but also I’m not fully gay I’m pan and I love this song
vV_EvanSonic (2 days ago)
ok im starting to feel more gay tbh. like theres this one boy that i just like, feel different around, so i might be gay or something idk.
Macey Tarena (2 days ago)
Showed my friends this They started to cry
Tomato Chan (2 days ago)
I just send this to a group chat with only myself so I have it in store if I realise I'm gay. Cuz at the moment I only know I'm not straight... But if I'm gay this will be my outing xD
Loinnir Lasair (2 days ago)
Lads, I know how I'm coming out as queer to my mum.
ChemicalBubbles (2 days ago)
I'm singing this song in the kitchen and my family are next door. I think they might know I am gay now 🤷
FATHEAD The Atheist (3 days ago)
as a half fudge packer, half poon masseuse, i love ally hills. she deletes my comments and blocked me on twitter. i aint a damn stalker, bitch
Galaxy Wolf (3 days ago)
I Show that to my Mom and i asked what she think of it and she just:i love her voice and i think it's your'e own chuise when you think you're gay" i'm really happy that I found this song!!!!and keep it up you're really good!
Reinhard Herbst (3 days ago)
Amazing !!!!
Danielle Bronkhorst (3 days ago)
Omfg I need a Bisexual one
Rachel Jensen (3 days ago)
Hi ally you just earned a new subscriber cause of this song ❤️
AuraTheWeirdo (3 days ago)
Sending this to my gay friend he will be shook that I'm lgbtq XD
Zoe Amico (3 days ago)
Coming back to this song after MONTHS of being out, and this song brings back so many memories of when i found out i was a lesbian (and not bi, cause at first i came out as bi) and i listened to this song ON REPEAT for hours! this song helped me come out even if i didn’t use it to come out. it helped me come out to myself because it’s just so amazing! ahhhHhh i honestly wish i would’ve come out to more people using this song. i only came out to two people using it, and i don’t even really talk to those people :/ (they go to a different school now, and we’re both kind of annoying)
Mystical Gacha (3 days ago)
Mystical Gacha (3 days ago)
I sent to every my family
Phoebe Harrison (3 days ago)
I came out a few days ago to my family. Sending this would have been so much easier ahahaha
taylor whalesss (3 days ago)
i loooove this song even tho im not gay lmao
Brian Martinez (3 days ago)
I love this song
SCP-023 (3 days ago)
Uhm well I guess if this gets 100 likes I’ll send this to my mom on my birthday.
Ty Vlogs (3 days ago)
_everything_toxic_ * (3 days ago)
This makes me so happy to see, because I could never have the confidence to tell my parent's in person
Saphira Walsh (3 days ago)
Can you please make an androgynous one
Mr Potato butt (3 days ago)
Mom I like my classmate My mom: sh!t have I not tot u anything Me: well, I know what 2+2 is
Dino Hugz (3 days ago)
if we can get this comment to 200 likes imma come out to my friends
Donut Lover (3 days ago)
this is my 100th time watching this video it still hasn't gotten old 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Ironic_CheeseCake (3 days ago)
Greetings from a bi-romantical lesbian!
? ? (3 days ago)
50 likes and I come out to my best friends by sending this song
meee lul (3 days ago)
Okay 50 likes and I send this to a good friend
Crazy Guinea Pig Girl (3 days ago)
I need a bi one to send!
Arinatorzzz • (4 days ago)
I live in germany and i outed me with this video, my best friend doesn't speaks that good english.. "what sexuality means?" i started laughin' so hard. then i explained her that i'm gay xD
Wolfycats 77 (4 days ago)
I’m pan and ace thanks for dupport
Little_Devil_666x (4 days ago)
I really want to come out but I'm only turning thirteen like next week but I feel like they will ignore it or say it's a phase so what do I do I'm so Confused 😕 😭🏳️‍🌈
Dan loves animals (3 days ago)
I'm turning 12 next week and I'm 99.999% sure that my parents already know
Ovydka (4 days ago)
Oh god same. I am 100% sure that im gay but im 13 and feel like my mom would tell me im too young to know.
That one emo Gonzalez (4 days ago)
All the dislikes are from the 27.k homophobs
Alex Reynolds (4 days ago)
I'm a total copycat so: 20 likes and I'll send this to my friends
Ovydka (4 days ago)
Fuck i need 20 accounts
Stacey Campusano (4 days ago)
Danny is not gay
MoonKitten 05 (4 days ago)
I’ve literally almost sent this to my grandmother and dad every time I’ve listened to it ooof
75 likes I will tell my parents
Naoise Kelleher (4 days ago)
Lmfaoo actualy thinking about using this to come out to my sister 😂😂😂😂
Fluffylotus555 (4 days ago)
Who here is straight but still likes this song.
Nina 1995 (4 days ago)
I wish they had such a nice song in my language and for my sexuality ugh :(
Shadow seeker (4 days ago)
Can someone make trans version of this song?
Pugsley (4 days ago)
love is love!!! <3
MiniLOL Gaming (4 days ago)
I came out with this song
Anaïs Marqués (4 days ago)
Found my new favorite song
Cate R (5 days ago)
I’m not gay. (At least I’m pretty sure I’m not) but I love this song hahaha But also This is so true *🏳️‍🌈LOVE IS LOVE.🏳️‍🌈*
My thought train: Ewwww gays are wierd Why does everyone support it?! I'm just gonna keep my thoughts to myself.... Ok maybe there alright... There okay. I don't mind gays. They are so adorable!!!!! Awwwwww my cousin came out! Why am I staring at other girls... I'm straight. I'm straight. I'm straight. Ok maybe I'm bi... She's asking me out OMG what do I do agghhhgg what do I do oh no OVERLOAD OVERLOAD OK I'm definitely bi. Maybe I'm a lesbian.... No I'm bi. Lesbian? Or bi? I don't knooowwwwww
weird metalhead (5 days ago)
My birthday is on 11 december and I'm a lesbian as well omg twins.
Stephen Vogt (5 days ago)
U should put this on spotify

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