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Pickup Is Freedom EP.2 - Epic Instagram Stories Compilation

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Instagram ►http://www.Instagram.com/honest.signalz Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/HonestSignalz In this video compilation comprised solely of instagram stories and phone clips, Vadim shares some raw insights into his life and demonstrates that if you're not "gaming" you're dying. Not seriously, but kinda. Gaming does not just mean meeting and attracting women, it's really a metaphor for trying to new shit, expanding your comfort zone, broadening your horizons, having fun, and evolving as a person so that you can live life to you're fullest. If Ur Not Gaming Ur Dying Ep1 ► https://youtu.be/wazBHTdl1OE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LEARN THE ART & SCIENCE OF ATTRACTING WOMEN Extras ► http://www.honestsignalz.com/Extras Academy ► http://www.honestsignalz.com/interest Coaching ► http://honestsignalz.com/bootcamp BOTOCAMP DATES *Toronto, LA, San Fran, NYC + more April 20-22 (1:1) 27-29 (2:1) May 11-13 (1:1) 25-27 (2:1) June 15-17 (1:1) 22-24 (2:1) July 20-22 (1:1) 27-29 (2:1) August 17-19 (1:1) 24-26 (2:1) September 21-23 (1:1) 28-30 (2:1) October 19-21 (1:1) 26-28 (2:1)
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Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
Hey Casanovas, if you enjoyed this vid, please go *follow me on* www.instagram.com/honest.signalz *for more cool content* and turn on post notifications. Also, be sure to like my most recent IG post and leave a comment with your city/country for a chance to win a 1hr Skype session with me. I'll be picking a winner by the end of the week. Thanks. :)
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
I don't believe I follow your train of thought good sir.
notaras1985 (9 months ago)
its pathetic to get in all this trouble for women. their fucked up desires dont mean they are healthy and you should adapt to them.
Marcus Cho (9 months ago)
Please pick me!!! Our last Skype session skyrocketed my game man, I'd say I was a intermediate at the time but now fully advanced thanks to you spotting some critical skills I was missing. Thanks so much again <3
lalo rc (1 month ago)
RSD Tyler? That was EPIC
Cole Montag (1 month ago)
Please don't dance haha
Jonathan David (1 month ago)
Filming yourself on acid. holy fuck that is next level bro. your mental state is impeccable
nagaonkaronly (2 months ago)
Damn these Ginger Canadians are slaying!
jaime d (7 months ago)
is that RSD Tyler?
Joe (8 months ago)
So useless clips
Ttt Yyy (9 months ago)
How tall are you and ausin ? Just curious
porteauloin (9 months ago)
honest signals is back in the game
nestor morloy (9 months ago)
Can somebody tell what happent with austen?
Power slam (9 months ago)
@Honest Signalz could you list the song names?
Abufaza3_Gam3r (9 months ago)
Love your vids man
Michael Grossman (9 months ago)
2 videos in 2 weeks...am I dreaming?
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
haha. it's the new reality playa. Aiming for a new vid every 7-10 days. #momentum
Neiro.Ferine (9 months ago)
i hate those loud ass places tbh
Lin Xu (9 months ago)
What's your purpose? I wonder.
toby kenobi (9 months ago)
Inspiring & Powerful..
easdcoastlover (9 months ago)
Im a gangster im a straight up G the gangster life is the life for me 😎
TerminatorGeo (9 months ago)
What's the track in the beginning?
TerminatorGeo (8 months ago)
Thank you man!
Dr. Ken Hurt (8 months ago)
Swag Rider - Wave Saver
Sygav Mig (9 months ago)
Emp (9 months ago)
been watching since 10k subs, always hyped for more vadim
Riadh Hm (9 months ago)
lexi is a bomb
atorisnalsur (9 months ago)
Thank you for the video man. Amazing as always. You lay out a really healthy path to being Alpha. Ironically, the vast majority of alpha males are not in the least introspective, or aware of their psychology, or aware of their over-compensation mechanisms, or of their fears. They have not arrived at their state as a result of hard work necessarily, or certainly not as a result of any sort of awareness of their bad upbringing, or confronting their insecurities and all the important things you listed in the video.
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
Good point. What you're describing are guys with naturally alpha-like inclinations in the traditional sense of the word e.g. confidence, dominance, assertiveness etc which can be a product of both nature and nurture. And to be fair some of these guys may have done other things that have brought those alpha qualities out in them, like sports, army, running a business, sales, responsibilities within the family etc. What I was describing is a general process by which one can become "alpha" or improve on the qualities they already have, e.g. become more emotionally balanced, empathetic, in control of one's ego, in alignment with one's sense of purpose, positive etc.
frenk kokot (9 months ago)
I only use the internet for porn twice a day. Max.
y tho (9 months ago)
Fuck rsd.
pdhouse (9 months ago)
Is it actually possible for someone who's introverted and has a slightly below average face to get girls? I feel like I just don't have the personality for it. I know it's a self limiting belief, but I don't know how to overcome it.
Green Li (9 months ago)
Honest Signalz No you explained great.
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
Hundo P. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Nothing will change without "deliberate practice".
Green Li (9 months ago)
Honest Signalz True but it eventually comes down to taking action at first I watched and read a lot but nothing really happened till I actually approached the girls.
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
yes you can! I know people who are very introverted, but have developed charismatic personalities. Doesn't mean they become extroverted, no, they're still introverts who learn how to be extroverted for a period of time and that can be applied to sales as well. I've personally always placed myself somewhere in the middle along the introverted vs extroverted spectrum, but I was weird and over-analytical, which stifled me in social interactions. Also I had poor emotional intelligence, something else that one can develop by studying psychology, social dynamics, pickup etc.
Green Li (9 months ago)
You can even get 10s and 9s if you really take action don't think do.
Gurdit Singh (9 months ago)
Zhit' zhizn'yu
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
haha that's wassup
Alvaroeduardo (9 months ago)
HS + RSD would be most important M&A of the industry
M D (9 months ago)
Anyone know what the song at 3:32 is?
eljakil (9 months ago)
Captain redbeard strikes again .
b.cage (9 months ago)
Damn, I feel like i havent seen you Mf in a while. 😏 great to see you still pimpin
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
Always haha
Silvio Ximenes (9 months ago)
Hhhhhh... 🤣🤣😂 Two craziest guys in GAME
francescop1 (9 months ago)
2:27 Gaz zee joos? Did you just do a count dankula?🤣
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
lol. I said we're starting a juicing business.
Frederick0220 (9 months ago)
Vadoop is back!
Frederick0220 (9 months ago)
Lol, epic!
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
I prefer Vagine
Hey guys Vadim here from Real Social Dynamics
Elliot Jay (9 months ago)
Nostalgia. Man I miss you and that short manlet, I forget his name. Seems like PUA was a phase.
Sizwe (9 months ago)
Unconscious incompetence > Conscious incompetence > Conscious competence >Unconscious competence....when people get to the last stage its "Just be Alpha, just be cool...JBY bro"
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
right on ma man
kaue Santili (9 months ago)
Vadim uses the natural way of pickin'up?
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
yessir. although I wasn't a natural to begin with. Lots of blood, sweat and tears went into getting this shit handled. the good news is you can do it too!
joanderson borges (9 months ago)
JOE peeer (9 months ago)
passover song " avadim hayino,,hayino,,,",,,,ur a free man
Milton Jose (9 months ago)
GoogleMe (4 months ago)
He's way too good for RSD
Rob Robasd (9 months ago)
this channel has gotten so cringy
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
In this second video compilation comprised solely of Instagram stories and phone clips, I share some raw insights into my life and try to show you that if you're not "GAMING" you're DYING. Not seriously, but kinda. Gaming does not just mean meeting and attracting women, it's really a metaphor for trying new shit, expanding your comfort zone, broadening your horizons, having fun, and evolving as a person so that you can live life to you're fullest. Because, after all life is just a game, so game the fuck out of it. Leave your comments below. share your thoughts. ✌️❤️
slevin parker (9 months ago)
underrated for the longest vadim
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
don't worry. we taking over baby, one way or another.
Jesus Herrera Comedy (9 months ago)
Editing question about this video: How do you get blurry images on the side, if all you have is vertical footage from a phone?
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
just throw up a copy of the footage on both sides and blur it.
Joel Toti (9 months ago)
I saw Owen and Vadim in a video together. I can die happily now.
Mad Winter (9 months ago)
Lyubo Yanev (9 months ago)
Episode 2 baby! Keep em coming!
Lyubo Yanev (9 months ago)
Honest Signalz Yeah boy, Big things! Solid insights towards to end btw
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
Son this is episode 2 haha. If you'r not gaming you're dying Ep1is in the description. But 3 is in the works, have no fear haha.
Jijo Jacob (9 months ago)
You go brother!!
pylyp123456 (9 months ago)
Disliked for Owen
Green Li (9 months ago)
Why so ?
ennss10 (9 months ago)
Hey bro, I'm glad you keep recording, a pity that Austen is solo. You were one of his mentors in the game right?
slevin parker (9 months ago)
what are specifics of his departure anyone know?
clementine?? or tangerine?? idk man illuminati confirmed
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
lol. you saw nothing!
Bittu Chaudhary (9 months ago)
Oh man this is Epic. You and Owen😎
Jesus Herrera Comedy (9 months ago)
Bittu Chaudhary Too Short. Needs to do a proper video with Owen
Jesus Herrera Comedy (9 months ago)
Bittu Chaudhary Too Short. Needs to do a proper video with Owen
Mad Winter (9 months ago)
Rupert...my new fave MPUA lmao
Honest Signalz (9 months ago)
He's a natural lolll
Oussama Elhojra (9 months ago)
RolorinhoHD (9 months ago)
Damn I'm early...
Steven von Hofsten (9 months ago)
Haha good start
Lua RockZ (9 months ago)
Best Fortnite content on my channel!
Lua RockZ (9 months ago)
Fowo when the one promoting children gameplays fucks more than a PUA wannabe like you, sad times bro 😎
Diego Leon (9 months ago)
leech af
Fowo (9 months ago)
Lua RockZ when you go onto a channel about pickup and promote your low quality children game gameplay XD
t burns (9 months ago)

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