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The Truth About Ecstasy

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High Society is a new VICE documentary series about drugs in the UK. British people statistically take more MDMA in one session than any other country on the planet. And not just a little bit more: on average, Brits take 420 milligrams per session. To put that in perspective, Germans, the same people who invented minimal techno and nightclubs that stay open for 60 hours – take only 200 milligrams. It’s still one of the safest drugs to take, but last year, ecstasy-related deaths reached their highest level in a decade, and now it’s back in the headlines. Some people say it’s drug dealers’ responsibility for selling pills that are dangerously strong and cut with adulterants. Other people point to the government, who have failed to reduce the supply of ecstasy and are refusing to embrace harm reduction strategies that have worked in Europe. In this episode of High Society, we find out what’s making ecstasy so dangerous again, and how that danger can be reduced. WATCH NEXT: The Nepalese Honey That Makes People Hallucinate - http://bit.ly/2cwgzRi Watch more of our documentaries on drugs: http://bit.ly/2aB0DuG Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Check out our Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/vicemag Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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Text Comments (6837)
Willy Billy (3 hours ago)
3:32 don't worry, they're all very intelligent. It's what they're paid to do...
Tony Ayala (1 day ago)
Ham Sandwich (2 days ago)
This guy lost more on the floor than he actually put on the scales
Tisha Steen (2 days ago)
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Tisha Steen (2 days ago)
Shamar kabir beamon Evans boys golden state warriors Dallas cowboys devil rays colts vs giants March 26 1985 extacy boys Corey Mackey boys Englewood nj MTC gaine Green September 26 1985 SK b
Perfectly Prejudice (2 days ago)
Anyone capable of referring me to the two ski mask dudes his shit real nice knowing he’s not out here tryna lace it 😂
Perfectly Prejudice (2 days ago)
Ski mask dudes had me ROLLING
Sean Mallon (2 days ago)
premium mix looks sh!t
William Butler Yeats (2 days ago)
Instead of testing for drug purity at festivals they should police raid them and arrest them. People would soon stop taking drugs.
Papa Paye (3 days ago)
We here about the same similar crisis in the United states, there are no degree to how high you can get. Addiction is Addiction,and a little bit of poison is to much poison.
Edabada (3 days ago)
UK women are butt ugly yuck
mike black (4 days ago)
Drug law only make a bigger problems.
ReefCorner (4 days ago)
“Bruv turn your ringtone off it’s identifentifiable” 😂🤣
Dom MCMX (4 days ago)
Anyone that uses the Media as a point of argument shouldnt be listened to.
How to get this 3:12 yin and yang haha.. email me please.. i love it
fat nigga (4 days ago)
Sam Smigla (5 days ago)
Good to know that ecstacy pills are being made by those two buffoons in their parent's house.
Dalton334 (5 days ago)
Is it bad that this made me want some MDMA
Charlie Ward Games (5 days ago)
Lol these man don’t get it😂🤦🏼‍♂️ not everyone is a cat aka narc here man don’t smuggle shit init man gotta get it somewhere and sell dat shit to cats man don’t get it
Alistocrat (5 days ago)
There should be a loop stand on every street corner around Britain. Even if they charged £2 per test, it would be so worth it and save so many lives.
ウチジᗩᒪᗷI (5 days ago)
Vape Blows (5 days ago)
All so called drugs should be legal and regulated. It's in the damn constitution! Any man has the right to ingest the drug of his choosing. But they hold nothing else in it sacred why would that be any different.
sanchitomemito (5 days ago)
If my last name was bass, id probably die of extacy overdose too
RyaanS Music (5 days ago)
Or you could just not take drugs...
joel franco (5 days ago)
anyone know some of the tracks that were playing
Micro Mac (6 days ago)
Its like the parents happen to be watching the video and begin thinking, "Is that the kids' room?"
Jonathan Soesan (6 days ago)
Dutch is actually number 1 in xtc use
Max Ev (6 days ago)
What a pair of thick c**nts! hahaha
Tyler Trompetto (7 days ago)
elusive mane (7 days ago)
what's it taste like? Molly what you think dumb bitch
tanner (8 days ago)
i be poppin them telsas. i be poppin hella popin them telsas
iSanctuary (8 days ago)
And i am getting mad at the Dutch government for not legalising XTC... but this is just depressing.
ZuRriX (8 days ago)
3:15 - It is totally not hard to say, they know the EXACT NUMBER. And if you have the need to say you are smart and intelligent, you probably are not.
ME911119 (8 days ago)
People complaining about immigration......you are destroying your own society with your own hands. Rather than having stronger,harsher laws against drug use and drug distribution, you are setting up tents for people to test their drug potency lol. You are DIRECTLY encouraging drug use. If I know my drugs are "safe" I will take more of them.
ME911119 (8 days ago)
Its so sad that at 10:36 ...theyre solution to the problem is to introduce DRUG testing labs so that "users" can know what DRUGS they are taking. Why dont you just have SEVERELY hard punishment for the people that sell, or take these drugs. The punishment should act as a deterant. Also...why do you need to have these clubs and nightlife and festivals anyways? Do they really add anything to your society ? There are other ways to have fun. You can play sports..you can go fishing...you can hang out with your friends..play video games..go to the movies.....go to a restraunt. Why..why the "nightlife". It is sad how the west is destroying it self.
4Tolls (9 days ago)
2 teens selling drugs from there moms house sounds like a movie!😂
Blue Boi (10 days ago)
They all sound like British natzi zombies
Zoey Esseboom (10 days ago)
Does someone know What the name of this festival is?
mediumboy (10 days ago)
I know y’all hear this song at 2:40
michael johnson (11 days ago)
Out of all drugs I ever tried...EXTACY IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE...WHEN U GET GOOD PURE MDMA...ITS LIKE A FULL BODY ORGASM THAT LAST FOR 8 HOURS OR MORE THEN ONCE IT STARTS TO WEAR OFF...JUST A HALF TAB WILL TAKE U RIGHT BACK UP. But I definitely couldn't do it too often...the next day your body is completely drained from working in overdrive. The best part of ecstacy is everything is intensified. Something that is slightly cold feels ice cold, a simple back rub or some 1 running thier fingers thru ur hair feels absolutely amazing. Couples who are looking to rekindle their sex life should definitely give it a shot.
?? (11 days ago)
Exhaustion results of ecstasy the next day
Clarencio 2K (11 days ago)
Stick to weed guys!
????? (9 hours ago)
9 years old Roblox kids be like
Space_Bound (11 days ago)
"It's a controlled drug because it's deadly." Imagine if it was just legalized and it was manufactured in a government-approved laboratory that requires people to properly label their dosages and ingredients. It's deadly because it's cut with other substances and nobody has a clue what potency their stuff is.
Tyler (12 days ago)
all the nittys
George Feb (12 days ago)
Stuff ought to be regulated and pure as all the narcotics and be sold in special shops!
El Young Man (12 days ago)
5:48 Listen closely to the music. Sounds like “Hard in the paint” by Flocka
Philip Tucker (13 days ago)
Lol they offer a free "Disposal" Service for people's drugs. Seems convenient 😂
King Tomo720 (14 days ago)
Simple solution just don’t fucking do drugs
Marco Lee (14 days ago)
07930913839 call me if you need some shi*t , only UK Aylesbury
Marco Lee (14 days ago)
07930913839 call me if you need some shi*t , only UK
XxmusicXxplz (15 days ago)
That loop drug testing facility is an amazing idea!!! They need that here in the states even tho it would never ever happen
Solitude (15 days ago)
Identifiable ringtone that many other ppl probably have but doesn’t give a fuck about a unique identifiable McDonald’s symbol on each pill specifically tracing back to these 2 lol
Yinka Sparkles (16 days ago)
Medical/leisure marijuana HGH codeine nitrazepam temazepam zolpiclone oxycotin oxynorm lyrica xanax diazepam tramadol crack coke etc PM if interested thanks. U can hit me up @ (802) 265-0984
Young Sinatra (16 days ago)
Why they didn't gave the md to me? So much threwn away...
donttakeitseriously (16 days ago)
I guess the parents didn't notice a camera crew coming through the house, and can't hear the CLANK CLANK BANG BANG of the pill press when it's going
the wiz (17 days ago)
Fook caugh m8
UK are you okay? Everything good at home?
cat of oz (18 days ago)
this triggers me. holland is not the same as the netherlands. holland is just a small part of the netherlands
Jim Garrison (19 days ago)
Gary bass's mum is hot tottie!
okun oratokhai (19 days ago)
Jeepers! It's a simple answer and that's because England is a shit society ! The weather is shit , food is shit , system is set up for only a certain sector of society to exist! People take drugs to escape the realities of living in such a shit system ! And finally the English are somewhat off key !
HakaBubu (20 days ago)
I mean all this is good to know but hey, at the end of the day I'm still gonna rave >:))
Booper Dooper (22 days ago)
I actually tried to use my phone using my tongue after the guy did it
Logan Bme (22 days ago)
That one guy is too old to be at a festival
I am YOU You Are ME (22 days ago)
Man. I couldn’t be trusted as a cop around all those drugs.. so much money.
U.C. F (22 days ago)
Those two border force workers need to loosen up, there speaking like they've just discovered a bomb in the post calm down granny
Bianca Hines (23 days ago)
What’s Mandy
adam gould (23 days ago)
4.44 damn that was a big bag of pure rocks ! Yummy yummy !!
LazerC4 (23 days ago)
Ecstacy is the crazied drug. I have not done it in a decade, but it opened my eyes all those years ago. I was much younger, but to all the people doing that shit nowadays, I think knowing what you are taking is key.
turbotonic27 (23 days ago)
they are doing such a shity sloppy fucking job , its not even mixed properly , theres powder everywhere , what a fucking moron
L J (25 days ago)
Nope that lady at the testing site swapped her cocaine for special K lmao. Girl almost fell for the free disposal crap. Um screw that camera I'll keep my drugs. Even tho it isnt coke it was FREEE 🗣
Gustav Nilsson (25 days ago)
"bruv turn your phone on silent because it's a fucking identifiable ringtone". *standard iphone ringtone plays*
michael johnson (26 days ago)
Loop isnt encouraging drug use, they are encouraging ppl to know what they are taking which saves lives....test or no test....people will take them anyway. GOOD JOB LOOP. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
Memories Per Gallon (26 days ago)
I cant finish the video back to the car world for me this shit is nasty 😣
Gunnery Sgt. Hartman (26 days ago)
I love europeans, especially the two dopey pill guys
Rowan Vn (26 days ago)
the crackhead at the beginning who sprinkled his M on his tongue then tasted it is just straight fucked im sorry who enjoys that taste
Cas van der Zanden (26 days ago)
With the highest level of consumption on the continent, noone takes drugs quite like the british. *Netherlands* *Hold my beer*
Kali (27 days ago)
Best ways to reduce deaths from drugs that are currently illegal: 1. Allow drug testing sites to operate freely and openly, 24/7, without risk of arrest for the people who use them (which is the #1 reason people don't get their drugs tested right now), or at the very least create reliable, cheap testing kits for personal use. 2. Do something like Portugal did with such success: legalize every drug that is currently illegal, then create standards for what amounts of any active substances are contained in each (x) amount of any given drug so people will have an idea of what they're getting, and also create cheap and reliable methods of testing for what is in those drugs by the users. *Having safe places to exchange dirty needles for new ones without the risk of arrest to users will be helpful resources for preventing the transmission of illnesses like HIV and hepatitis, and if paired with safe places to shoot up that are staffed 24/7 with people trained in prevention and treatment of overdoses it will serve to further reduce the death rates of drug users. *Having addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers that work closely with and are located nearby safe places to shoot up could do a lot to help addicts who want to quit actually succeed at getting and staying clean.
The Beanie (27 days ago)
Well shit, now im scared to leave the country (im from Romania)
Dubstep Vertigo (27 days ago)
That generations all gonna be retarded
oliver tomberg (27 days ago)
"We try not touching them" Puts finger in nose while having the glovs on 1 secons later
????? (9 hours ago)
She just wanted to test the drugs :)
AzzErz Z 420 (28 days ago)
Damn yesterday i snorted 350 mg of powdered Mandy and never knew cuz i was so high from the weed lol
tranceone11 (28 days ago)
Welsh accent."......what did he take? Fuck off 🤣
tranceone11 (28 days ago)
😂 bull shit. Lies lies lies
2455 (28 days ago)
if anybody needs to experament with drugs its these two boarder force biyches
Michael Smith (30 days ago)
I love how they claim to be the competition to the Dutch labs. So not true. The dutch labs are putting out tens of kilograms a day, and have pill presses that do more than one measly pill a minute. These guys are buying from Dutch gangs, likely unknowingly. They aren't the Dutch gangs' competition; they are the gangs' customers.
ChanderTv (1 month ago)
Bruv, turn your phone on silent because it’s a fucking identifle-biafiable ringtone.
orion9k (1 month ago)
3:30 OF COURSE THEY COULD TELL YOU HOW MUCH DRUGS SLIPS THROUGH - It's simple statistics! You take out a sample of, lets say 1000 packs that represents the amount of packs per xx hours, check them through for drugs and then you will have an estimation for the amount of drugs that goes through per 1000 packs - Now you can take that figure and apply it to the amounts of packs of day and how much drugs they would contain. They just don't want to share the info, cos it's bad for their reputation... Fucking idiotic to even try and control drug traffic...
spuit poesje (1 month ago)
If you have good pills xtc is not a problem.
Damien Lente (30 days ago)
True, im high right now🤣
JacobTrap (1 month ago)
Bc there teeth are fucked up
orion9k (1 month ago)
The truth about MDMA? I call bullshit on this.. From what David Nutt is saying, a professor in psychiatry who have studied and researched risks of taking a whole variety of drugs, including MDMA and compared them all, MDMA is less dangerous than riding a horse. This sounds more like a smear campaign against MDMA... YouTube or Google this: David Nutt interview MDMA horse riding
IL (1 month ago)
What Harrington is he wearing?
ogyrfiwargf (1 month ago)
Western Europe is just a piece of shit now. What else can I say.. You're quite funny tho
Jeremy B. (1 month ago)
Grandma: "statistics are for statisticians, we are all very intelligent" says the two dumbest old broads
Nicolas Lanzoni (1 month ago)
2:58 "E"
jugurnut 3 (1 month ago)
Matt Shea?
John Jay (1 month ago)
Their parents must neglect them to not notice all the various powders all over their room(s)
Lil Drizzle (1 month ago)
Honey what are you doing up there! NOTHING MAH! Just making mdma no biggie
Sm0g - (1 month ago)
Continent? Britain is an island... Crappy journalism
_ IStanMinYoongi _ (1 month ago)
Well shit I’m in England

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